Looking for a way to get the Gameloop Emulator for your Mac computer? To play or experience all sorts of games from different platforms, we have provided a few instructions you can follow.

Gameloop is an emulator created by Tencent, usually associated with mobile games like Call of duty mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile. It was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. While this app’s reputation used to be associated with hardcore gaming only, it’s a reputation for being used for anything but gaming has soared recently after Tencent introduced new features that allowed the general public to enjoy its previous all-out gamer reputation while gaining access to other functions that made their lives easier without having to compromise on their work or studies.

With Gameloop you will not feel like you are using the normal Android interface. The UI is simple with settings, controls, installed apps, and additional settings to ensure a fun experience for gamers. But the Gameloop emulator app by Tencent who are also the developers of PUBG and COD Mobile was developed for Windows PC specifically for mobile gamers.

Why Gameloop is not Available for macOS?

Apple no longer supports OpenGL on any of their newer Mac OS versions. Gameloop uses either OpenGL or DirectX to render their game. Because Apple doesn’t support DirectX, they’d need to license the code from Microsoft and compile this into their own version of Vulkan API – in order to port the game to macOS.

How to Download Gameloop 7.1 on Mac?

If you want to download the game loop website on your Mac computer, there are several methods available. Parallels Desktop lets you essentially run Windows on your Apple’s macOS as if it were native to the operating system. That means that Microsoft’s OS runs seamlessly with this software, making it easy for anyone to use.

Note: Parallels Desktop runs Windows 11 as a native OS using all the computer resources. You will not face any problem using heavy apps with Parallels Desktop.

Here are the steps to Download and Install Gameloop beta on Macbook and play the games on PC.

  1. Download and Install the Parallels Desktop on your Mac
  2. Enter the Administrator Name and Password for your Mac when prompted.

3. Once Parallels Desktop is installed, you can either install a copy of Windows 11 ISO manually or click Install Windows for automatic installation.

Alternatives to Gameloop for Macbook

Here are Gameloop Alternatives for mac to Play the Android Games on Windows.

1. Nox Player

When it comes to Android emulators, Nox is often regarded as the one that offers the best overall performance. While it is mostly used by everyday gamers to try out new Android games, developers are slowly making a shift to this platform as well. As far as gaming is concerned, the support for the controllers is an added advantage.

The entire installation process is quite simple and you could try out games without experiencing any lags. Just drag and drop the APK to the emulator’s Application section and that is it.

2. Bluestacks


Bluestack is a veteran player in this segment and is also among the most popular ones. Coming preloaded with Google Play Store, installing apps and games is a cakewalk. It is also capable enough to run games without any noticeable lags as such. Furthermore, if you have the APK build of an app, just double-click it and it will automatically be installed inside the Bluestack.

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