As the gaming nerve center, Razer Cortex (Game Booster) gives you access to an impressive arsenal of tools to take control of your gaming experience. From combing the web for the best game deals, improving your PC performance in-game, to recording then sharing your in-game moments on Facebook and YouTube, and even backing up you save games in the cloud, Cortex for Gameloop PC is the free all-in-one software which gives you the Best Gaming Experience possible.

Maximizes your system performance to give you higher frames per second, by automatically shutting off unnecessary processes and applications when you’re gaming, and resuming them when you’re done.

It brings enhanced gaming performance, recording and streaming gameplay, and the ability to find the best gaming deals to a single screen with all your games just a click away.

With Razer Cortex: Game Booster, unlock your system’s full potential with a variety of performance-enhancing and optimization tools for higher frames per second, or cut down on draggy load times. Whether you choose an automated mode or to manually tweak it yourself, your PC’s full gaming potential is now at your fingertips.

Features and Highlights

Xbox Game Bar makes it simple to take control of all your favorite gaming activities while playing on your Windows 10 device. Enable the Razer Cortex BETA widget in the Xbox Game Bar to boost your gaming performance with just one step. Plus, get easy access to other popular Cortex features.

Unlock your system’s full potential with a variety of performance-enhancing and optimization tools for higher frames per second or to cut down on boring load times. Whether you want an automated solution or to keep control over everything, higher PC gaming performance is at your fingertips.

Squeeze more juice out of your gaming budget with the Razer Cortex: Deals price comparison engine. Get the latest updates for price drops on all the top digital game stores and never let another gaming deal pass you by unnoticed, as Razer Cortex: Deals delivers the cheapest games from all around the globe to your desktop.

There are some in-game moments that need to be immortalized, like your guild getting server first for a raid boss, or a speed run or even your epic penta kill. Cortex: Gamecaster allows you to stream, record, and screenshot your view-worthy moments regardless of what game you’re playing.

The rewards program you love is back! Launch your game from Razer Cortex on your PC and earn Silver while gaming with Paid to Play, fan-favorite program. Redeem your Razer Silver for a variety of exciting rewards, including Razer gear, games, and more.

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