The rivalry between Garena Free Fire Max and PUBG Mobile is one of the hottest debates in the gaming industry. Both games have similar gameplay elements, with both offering gamers the opportunity to battle it out against other players in an intense and immersive environment. But which game comes out on top?


First, let’s look at the visuals. Free Fire has cartoon-like graphics that make it more vibrant and colorful, while PUBG Mobile offers realistic graphics with better textures and effects. Both games have a good level of detail, but it depends on your personal preference as to which style you prefer.

We’re referring to essential characteristics like:

  • Core gameplay differences
  • Storage systems
  • Maps
  • Graphics
  • Vehicles
  • Guns
  • Characters

Let’s cut straight to the chase and examine what differentiates these two extremely popular mobile battle royale games:


PUBG Mobile offers intense, fast-paced action and a variety of different game modes. You can choose to play solo, with friends, or even in squads. In addition, PUBG’s maps are much larger compared to those featured in Free Fire. PUBG’s maps feature varied terrain, buildings, and other obstacles that can be used

At the moment, Free Fire has four maps:

  • Alpine
  • Purgatory
  • Kalahari
  • Bermuda
  • Bermuda Remastered

As for PUBG Mobile, it has five classic battle royale maps:

  • Erangel
  • Livik
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi


Free Fire is a great battle royale game, but it’s not quite as aesthetically impressive as PUBG Mobile. This isn’t an issue for most players, since the graphics are still far from bad, but those who are really picky about graphics might feel unsatisfied with Free Fire’s visuals. The major difference between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile lies in their engines. PUBG Mobile runs on the Unreal Engine, which is more advanced than the engine powering Free Fire and can render higher-quality graphics. However, this difference doesn’t affect gameplay at all – both games are still enjoyable to play despite having different visual fidelity.

The Unity engine used by Free Fire also means that the game runs smoother on low-end phones as compared to PUBG Mobile. Its smaller download size is another plus, making it easier for users with limited storage space to install and play the game.

Game Modes

When it comes to different game modes, PUBG Mobile has a lot to offer. We’re not just talking about Classic – PUBG Mobile can brag with the following:

  • Arcade (Quick Match, War, Sniper Training)
  • EvoGround (Payload 2.0)
  • Arena (Training, Team Deathmatch, Assault, Domination, Gun Game)

Free Fire game modes aren’t too shabby either. Here’s what you’ll have to choose from if you hop into Free Fire later:

  • Classic
  • Ranked
  • Clash Squad
  • Rampage 2.0
  • Kill Secured
  • Bomb Squad
  • Gun King
  • Big Head


The vehicles in Free Fire and PUBG Mobile may look similar, but they are very different. For example, PUBG Mobile has a much wider selection of vehicles than Free Fire; it includes boats and planes that players can use to explore the map. The types of transportation in Free Fire are limited to cars and motorcycles, so players are unable to use boats or planes.

Free Fire also has a much more limited selection of vehicles than PUBG Mobile, only offering cars and motorcycles for players to choose from. However, the vehicles in Free Fire are easier to maneuver around the map due to their small size and lack of noise.

Guns in PUBG vs. Free Fire Guns

When it comes to ballistics and weapon handling, PUBG Mobile has a more realistic approach compared to Free Fire. The former implements gun mechanics like recoil, bullet drop, damage falloff ranges, and more. On the other hand, Free Fire has simple mechanics with only a handful of weapons having unique fire rates and bullet spread patterns.

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile’s weapon customization options are a lot more extensive. You can customize almost every part of your weapons such as the barrel, stock, magazine, and sight. In Free Fire, you are limited to changing the sights and muzzle attachments only.

PUBG vs. Free Fire Characters

In the world of Free Fire, there is a wide variety of characters with unique abilities. They can help players achieve different playing experiences and be more successful in their games! For instance, one character is called Caroline who has an ability that gives her increased speed which means you’ll see this speeding movement throughout your gameplay sessions as well as early game aggression from start to finish

The characters in PUBG Mobile are all unique and have their own special ability. 32 different personas exist so far, though there is not much difference between them besides appearance customization options through clothing items or accessories such as Perk-a-colas which give passive buffs when equipped onto the player’s outfit
The only thing that sets each character apart from one others seems to be how they play – whether it means being more aggressive on offense versus passively waiting out enemies near vehicles for protection; if someone likes running away then this option will definitely appeal (and feel completely unnatural without).


The thing about these games is that they’re way too subjective to make any concrete comparisons. If you want some detailed information on their differences, read as much or even write an article comparing them! But in all honesty, it will still feel like nothing compared with actual gameplay experiences because there are just so many factors involved when playing a MOBA game such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite among others where different players have very specific tastes depending upon what type of gamer he/she may be – someone who likes quick reflexes versus somebody looking for more strategy based play style.


Which game has better graphics, PUBG Mobile or Free Fire?

The graphics in PUBG Mobile are much sharper than those of Garena Free Fire Max. It’s cleaner and has a more realistic feel, unlike the cartoonish art style found in this game which looks like Fortnite instead!

Is Free Fire better than PUBG?

Well, I’m afraid there’s no clear answer to this one. If you can play both games and have a good internet connection then give them both a try! Their download size is important so make sure to download it via WiFi if possible because that will save your data plan from getting drained too quickly while testing out different gaming apps like these two great options in our opinion- but don’t forget: they’re only suggestions based on what we know about how people typically use their smartphones or tablets when playing games online which may not apply directly due various connectivity issues between device types (e Starbucks).

Is PUBG Mobile Available in India?

Even though PUBG Mobile isn’t available in India anymore, a proper alternative has been available for more than a year already. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) is the name of this game that offers pretty much an identical experience to the original one with some minor differences which don’t take anything away from gameplay at all!

Is Garena Free Fire Max the best mobile battle royale?

While it might be difficult to say which game has the most users, there can’t really be any doubt about Free Fire Max. With so many people playing this genre-defying title fromZEFR Games and NetEase’s stable of impressive mobile offerings in China – including Call Of Duty Mobile (CoDMo), PUBG Lite(PuBGo), and others–it would seem that each offers its own unique take on battle royale gameplay but still delivers an excellent experience worth checking out!

PUBG Mobile vs. Free Fire – Which game is better on low-end phones?

The answer is clear right off the bat – it’s Free Fire. This game has a much smaller download size and can be played more easily on phones with limited storage, so if you don’t want to risk running into trouble due to your phone not having up-to-date hardware then go ahead and choose that option!

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