PUBG MOBILE BETA is the beta version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). The main difference between this and the official version is that here you can get a glimpse of the game’s newest features before anyone else. Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice some level of stability, but that’s to be expected.

In the game, you can participate in a 100-man Battle Royale against other online players. You are on a closed map, where at the end there can only be one player left. To play, you need to navigate each area to collect the resources you need to win, including weapons and more. But that’s not all. The map is getting smaller and smaller by the minute.


In addition to the standard game mode, PUBG MOBILE BETA offers various additional modes, including 4v4 team combat, a mode in which you fight hordes of zombies, and a mode dedicated to driving different vehicles. And of course, all of these game modes are first available in this beta.

You can also adjust the detail level of the graphics through the settings menu. This means that you can adjust your experience to best suit the capabilities of your smartphone. In addition, you can customize the controls while driving or hiking.

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PUBG MOBILE BETA is a fantastic adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. You can enjoy hours of gameplay in several modes that in many cases have not even reached a stable version. As an added bonus, if you choose the team option, you can chat live with your in-game friends to coordinate your moves via your smartphone’s microphone.

Package Name:
License: Free
Op. System: Android
Requirements: Android 4.0.1 or greater is required.
Category: Action/Adventure
Language: English 44 more
Author: Tencent Games

THE new PUBG Mobile Beta is coming with a new Karakin map ( Golden Island ) is surely one of the most impressive additions to this version. New firearms, including a Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle and a Panzerfaust, have also been added to the beta version.



Karakin is the newest map to come to PUBG Mobile with Season 17. This map is by far the smallest featured in the game so far, but it also has a few other unique qualities. The size of the place is primarily what is going to dominate the way that you play. With only 2KM by 2KM to work with, players are pushed in close together making the majority of this map dangerous. The size is going to lead to more intense firefights, and make it harder than ever to hold down one specific spot rather than roaming around the map. Even choosing a spot to land is going to be made more difficult by the size of the map. This PUBG Karakin map guide covers the best places to land on the new map, so you can try and get off on the right foot.

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