Basic settings in PUBG Mobile For iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 pro max

The most important settings, such as Peek & Fire and Gyroscope, can be enabled in the basic settings. One of the critical elements of Sevou’s gameplay is the use of the gyroscope and the peek & fire feature. If you are using the 4-finger claw (or more) method, I strongly recommend using the ‘Hold’ option for Lean Mode and Scope Mode.


I have used iPhone XS, iPhone 12 Pro Max with a three-finger setup and now I am using an iPad with the 6 fingers claw setup.


One of the issues PUBG Mobile players, including Sevou, have to deal with every day is overheated devices. I recommend using the lowest possible graphics, but the Frame Rate (frames per second) should be as high as possible. If your device can handle the Extreme option (90 FPS), you should use it over Ultra (60 FPS).

Sensitivity settings

Sensitivity settings are how fast the game reacts to your movements. I recommend highly customized sensitivities. The following settings have been tested and enhanced for almost two years by me and my Friend Levinho.

These are the best sensitivities according to us, Sensitivity settings are, however, extremely subjective and what works for us might not be the best for you. They might feel a little weird or complicated in the beginning. But like everything else, you need to practice and give them time until you get comfortable with them.

Camera Sensitivity (free look)

These are the sensitivity settings of the camera movement when you look around using the eye button.


The camera settings define how fast your camera movements will be when your weapon scopes in.

ADS Sensitivity

ADS sensitivity settings, or Aim Down Sight, mean how fast your scope moves when you’re aiming and firing with your weapons. These are extremely important for recoil control.


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games to this date and is continuing to expand. It’s a player versus player shooter game that features among other modes, the Classic mode (Battle Royale) in which up to 100 players land on an island without any weapons. As the play zone shrinks smaller, players have to fight till the end to become the last man standing.

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