Battleground Mobile India is the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile game, this game is not much different from the global version of PUBG Mobile. It’s just that to be able to install this game you must be in the territory of India because Battleground Mobile India is only allowed to be downloaded for Indian users.

Then how do we players from Indonesia can try to play Battleground Mobile India without having to bother going to India :D, now it’s quite easy we just need to use a VPN application to be able to play and download the game? So you can now simply download the APK and OBB files, which you then install without the need to download again from the Play Store.

Here are the steps.

2. After you install the Battleground Mobile India APK then create an OBB folder first, open your File Manager application, in this tutorial using the Zarchiver File Manager application.

Go to the /Android/OBB/ folder then create a com.pubg.imobile folder and then copy the file into the com.pubg.imobile folder .

3. If you have copied and copied the OBB file correctly, you can rerun the Battleground Mobile India game. If you put the wrong file, the game cannot run, and you will be asked to download the OBB file.

4. To be able to play Battleground Mobile India you are required to use an Indian VPN. Please install the CoolVPN Pro application which provides an Indian address.

5. Run the VPN then select the country of India and if it is connected there will be a connected message. if it is connected you can reopen the Battleground Mobile India game. If the VPN connection is slow or disconnected, it will affect the PING of the game and the game can also be disconnected, so try to use an Indian VPN that has a stable connection.



To be able to play the Indian mobile battleground game or the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, a VPN application that supports India is needed because if you don’t use it, players outside India cannot play it. You can download the APK and OBB in this article without going through the Play Store.

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