A little bit earlier than expected, COD Mobile Season 10 is now available. With download links and instructions on how to install the latest update, we have the COD Mobile Season10 APK and OBB files for you.


Celebrate another exciting year of Call of Duty: Mobile during Season 8: 2nd Anniversary! Enjoy the biggest battle royale update since launch, with the new map Blackout and a new single-player experience! Get the R9-0 – Master of Snakes and Price – Bravo 6 from the Season 8 Battle Pass! Plus, earn new rewards in Anniversary Celebration events. Join Call of Duty: Mobile for our craziest celebration yet! Play Now!

GameLoop is a PC game platform launched in 2018. It is very famous for more than 100 million users playing games using it. You can play more than 70 games such as Arena of Valor (AoV), PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and the famous Call of Duty Mobile.

Activision has announced Garena Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.35. As the name suggests, this brings COD to mobile devices for the first time. Call of Duty: Mobile is available on Android and iOS, and you can sign up now for a chance to participate Globally. You Can Play the CALL OF DUTY MOBILE ON your PC using our emulator. Both Operating systems supported Windows 32/64bit.

Game loop Garena Call of Duty For  PC

There’s a new Call of Duty game released every year, and there has been for more than a decade. The series shows no signs of disappearing either, as despite other games stealing the headlines—Fortnite being a recent example—each new Call of Duty game sells well.

However, the industry is changing, with mobile gaming becoming more important. This is why it should come as no surprise to see Activision bringing game loop cod mobile. And based on the first trailer and initial details, Call of Duty: Mobile looks promising. Control call of duty mobile aimbot like a pro player on pc.


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Activision Unveils COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter that looks and feels very much like its PC and console counterparts. Trailers can obviously be deceiving, but on high-end smartphones, this could be one of the best-looking mobile games ever released.

In terms of gameplay, Call of Duty: Mobile looks to be the greatest hits of Call of Duty. There are familiar modes such as Search and Destroy and Free-For-All, and as with every Call of Duty game, multiplayer is key. There are also iconic maps from previous games.

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed, the trailer suggests a battle royale mode will also be available. Given the popularity of other battle royale games such as the aforementioned Fortnite, plus PUBG and Apex Legends, Activision would have been crazy not to include it.

Get Ready For Playing on PC

Call of Duty: Mobile will be released this summer in North America, South America, and Europe. Proceedings will kick off with a beta to test if everything is working. You can try call of duty mobile zombies now to be in with a chance of participating in the beta.

If you’re a gamer of any description you may want to play on pc check out the game loop. Although it’s early days, Google thinks it has figured out how to bring cloud gaming to the masses, and if the company gets it right, Google Stadia could be a literal game-changer.

You can play Game of Duty Mobile by installing it on the GameLoop application on your PC. If you don’t have it on your PC, then you can install it by clicking here to go to the official website. Afterward, follow these steps to play COD Mobile.

  1. Search Call of Duty Mobile on the search bar at the top of the GameLoop app. Usually, all trending games will show up on it, and Call of Duty Mobile is one of them for now.
  2. Then simply click ‘Call of Duty.
  3. Click ‘Install’ to install it on your GameLoop.
  4. After the installation process is finished, you can play it right away!

Call of Duty Mobile Download android

Call of Duty Mobile MOD is Live You can use our Gameloop Emulator to Play This Fantastic Game. Get Emulator install and Enjoy. You don’t need to download APK or OBB Files.

Other Features of Call of Duty Mobile

  • Collect iconic heroes and weapons
  • Intuitive pick up and play controls
    • High fidelity graphics on mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile: 5 best guns

  • Assault RifleAK-47. Though there are many out there that will argue that the M4 is a more balanced weapon than the AK-47
  • Sniper Rifle– DL Q33.
  • SMG – PDW-57.
  • LMG – S36.
  • Shotgun – HS2126.


New themed season, with 50 tiers of rewards in the Battle Pass. All new content: new maps, characters, themed events, and modes. Bugs fixes and technical improvements.

Does Call of Duty Mobile have bots?

Best answer: Yes, at early levels Call of DutyMobile is going to throw bots at you. You’ll fight mostly bots for your first few levels until they turn you loose on real players at around level 15

how do I recover my call of duty mobile account?

If your phone or game reset and the data will be not able to undo. Furthermore, COD mobile is officially released on Oct 1st, so by that time you should be able to login with your device choice or link your account with your Facebook account to make it secure.

How To Solve Crashes, Freezing & Installation Errors | Fixes Guide

Before attempting any of the fixes listed below, you’ll want to make sure your Phone is fully updated. Make sure to download and install any current updates on iOS or Android, and check for any updates forCall of Duty: Mobile.

  • Updating Your iOS / Android Device:
    • iOS: Settings -> General -> Software Update
    • Android: Settings -> Select ‘System Update’ or ‘Software Update’
  • UpdatingCall of Duty: MobileApp:
    • iOS: Open App Store -> Scroll down to Update -> Find Call of Duty: Mobile on the list.
    • Android: Open Play Store -> Tap Drop-Down Menu at the Top -> My Games & Apps -> Find Call of Duty: Mobile on the list.

CODM APK installation failed: Manual Installation [ Temporary Solution ]

The issue with CODM ” APK installation failed ” have been fixed. If you still face this issue please reinstall the game We have managed to create a tool that will temporarily allow you to install CODM via offline installation

  1. Download CODM Installer Tool
  2. Download CODM XAPK 1.0.19

Open syzsYAdaTool as Administrator

APK installation failed

Select the Engine Your using 4.4 or the 7.1 Beta

Drag and drop the xapk you download from the 1st link and Click Install.

If updating doesn’t seem to help you, here are a few other measures you can take to repair the problem.

The BR players who are facing Tank controlling issue, please select ingame settings Tank Control Layout-B for fixing the issue.

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