• 1. Open GameLoop 7.1 and enter the name of the game “Call of Duty” into the searching box
  • 2. Press Enter and Select “COD Mobile” game on the screen​
  • 3. Press the Download button to download the “CODM” game to the emulator​
  • 4. When the download is complete, press the Play button to open it and play​

Steps to download Call of duty mobile for Windows

Call Of Duty was launched and entered the mobile world game market immediately. Not only does Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM) provide you with impressive game graphics, it also creates an unforgettable atmosphere, making you feel like a warrior.

   Download CODM FOR PC

1.General briefing

Call Of Duty (COD) is a form of the game that resembles PUBG, which is one of the most common games these days. This game gives an insight into the character inside the game. And if you’re interested in the FPS PC game, we are sure you won’t find Call Of Duty odd.

Surprisingly, thanks to the cooperation between the COD game manufacturer of Activision and the Chinese big game maker Tencent Holdings Limited, Call Of Duty is now officially available on mobile. Only a few days after launch, the Call Of Duty mobile edition receives over 70 million user installs.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC

Call of Duty Mobile for PC

Playing Call Of Duty allows gamers to sense the pure FPS type. You can move easily and shoot just as you do with your mobile device on the PC, which is much more convenient. The weapons system and the various character classes pledge to offer gamers the most awesome experience.

The character classes that a gamer may choose from including SMG, MG, Sniper,…

Dota 2 is a top-down, real-time strategy game. The mod game Defense of the Ancients in the Warcraft III game, including Reign of chaos and the Frozen Throne, inspires this game. Dota 2 is the battle between Radiant and Dire on two sides, giving the players a fascinating experience.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the smartphone edition of Call Of Duty offers an impressive picture and amazing 3D graphics such as PC/Console. The only feature that differentiates this mobile version from the PC or PS4 version may be the virtual button scheme. The map system of this game is taken from different PC/Console versions.

2.The real HD experience

  • Multiplayer

You can see the interface like the picture below when you play multiplayer mode. In addition, there will be more modes with their distinct and varied experiences in the multiplayer. I already have 9 distinct but fascinating terrain maps at stage 30.



I must admit that the experience this game brings is very cool and much better than I thought. Everything is elaborately crafted from the detailed pictures, scenes to the character graphics, making me feel like a soldier while playing the game.

You can also wage war in Nuketown. When you shoot bullets you will observe excellent results, sharp elements, and fresh colors.

  • Royal Fight

If you played PUBG Mobile, I’m sure you don’t find this Battle Royale mode odd. Unlike Multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale mode (whether you don’t know it’s survival mode) gives players a wide range of emotions and incredible experiences.

It’s not just about running on the border, it’s also about killing all your enemies to become the last to live. One more thing you need to be aware of before you play this game is that you have two character control modes to choose from, in Battle Royale mode, namely the FPP and the third person perspective (TPP).

Read the content below for more details if you have not previously played PUBG and do not have a sufficient understanding of Battle Royale mode.

First, I’m going to play in the third-person perspective with this interesting mode (TPP). You will be taken to the player lounge before you go to the field map and participate in the fight.

CODM gives players the most energetic and true feelings when playing with the first person. All the details, graphics, and colors on the screen are unbelievably identical to those seen in films.

And that’s what makes me impressed with this model in the CODM game. I must admit, however, that the combination of this FPS game with a smartphone makes it much interesting (with a big screen).

More than that, Call Of Duty offers gamers a number of incredible experiences, for example, you can take your weapons apart and bring them together (barrel, sights,…). You can also upgrade your gun to a higher level, leaving a more beautiful gun and pleasant experiences.

I have to confess that I’m very hard on experiencing and evaluating various FPS games. However, I admire the fascinating interactions Call Of Duty has experienced.

Call Of Duty fascinated me with its great advantages from the scenes, informative graphics to colors. However, what I enjoy most about this game are the actual scenes that carry me to various areas of emotion.

The outstanding model of CODm

  • 1. Classified (Updating …)
  • 2. Multiplayer (Multiplayer mode)
  • 3. Battle Royale (Survival mode)

Multiplayer (MP) Overview

  • MP is faster than Battle Royale (BR).
  • Includes normal duel and Rank battle (to rank)

Main mode (CORE)

Only the strongest samurai will survive Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape! Slice and dice your way through Swords & Stones, a chaotic new melee Free-for-All! Leave no trace on the brand new Search & Destroy map Coastal and dominate the sand-swept map Oasis. Looking for more than a katana? Snag the Epic RUS-79U – Karuta and 50 Tiers of rewards in the Season 3 Battle Pass. Do you have what it takes to master the ultimate Escape? Play now!

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