This is a small, but very powerful program that allows you to make a complete Windows optimization in just a few clicks. You no longer have to think about free disk space, memory leaks, and the fact that Windows is tracking your actions. make you gaming pc faster with Ultimate Windows Tweaker 16 for Windows 10

Save time on automatic computer maintenance with win 10 tweaker v16.0 pro. Hundreds of tasks – one solution Download


The first category of Win 10 Tweaker is designed to rid your operating system of collectors and processors of information about your activity. The use of tweaks from this category will increase the overall performance of the computer by deep cleaning the task scheduler from services that are meaningless to the user, as well as completely cutting out obvious spies that come right out of the Windows box.

Context menu

Using this category, you can remove unnecessary context menu items that Microsoft constantly imposes, as well as add your own, really useful ones, such as Prohibiting programs from accessing the Internet, Become an owner and get full access to an object, as well as other unique author’s solutions. No more Paint 3D, Windows Media Player, and another devilry.


This category of the program will help you get rid of shortcut arrows, increase the transparency of the taskbar, make the scroll bar (scroll bar) less thick – everything that you can’t just take and fix. Everything you need to customize File Explorer in one category. You no longer have to wander through Windows Settings to find what you need.

Win 10 Tweaker

Win 10 Tweaker


Win 10 Tweaker has the Defender’s proprietary cutting system that is not available to other programs. Here you can get rid of annoying Windows warnings, useless Defender, SmartScreen, UAC, disable RAM diagnostics, senseless network protocols, and also prevent flash drives from starting automatically to prevent viruses from entering your computer.

win 10 Tweaker скачать 

No other program has such a huge cache knowledge base like Win 10 Tweaker. Win 10 Tweaker includes over 15 years of knowledge of the Windows operating system, starting with Windows XP. Anyone who does a full cleanup in Win 10 Tweaker for the first time is subject to a short-term shock from seeing the number of files deleted in the system. Incredibly, in every Windows, there is really a huge ton of meaningless and unused data that even Microsoft employees don’t know about. Generations change, and nobody wants to clean up after others. Win 10 Tweaker will clean up your computer.

What’s New:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Supports Internet Explorer 9
    • Enable Menu bar permanently
    • Always on InPrivate Filtering
    • Hide Compatibility View button
    • Disable sending keystrokes to your default search engine
    • Enable Quick Tabs
    • Manage no. of rows in about: Tabs (IE9 only)
    • Disable caching of SSL pages
    • Enable software rendering instead of GPU rendering (IE9 only)

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