PUBG Mobile Accounts are suspended due to violation of the terms of service, usually when suspicious account activity is discovered during a manual investigation, or as an automatic precautionary measure when the anti-cheat system detects unusual account activity.

The most common reasons include, but are not limited to, use of unauthorized third-party software or methods—such as cheats, hacks, modifications, scripts, plug-ins, automation software, and so-called GFX tools—to modify or manipulate the game or its functionality; purchases from third-parties; refund fraud (forced refunding through Google or Apple), and use of unauthorized, unofficial and/or cracked versions of the game, both on mobile and emulator.

This gains an unfair advantage over other players and is not supported by the game developers. However, if you believe that your account has been wrongfully suspended, you can submit an appeal by clicking the File Claim button located in the bottom-right corner of the account suspension dialog box.

A customer agent will reply as soon as possible. The response time may vary between some hours up to a few days, depending on the number of support requests. You are therefore kindly asked to wait patiently.

Note: Please do not repeat questions regarding account suspensions in this server, as we are unable to assist with this in any way (we also do not have the power to lift account suspensions), hence why we have a customer service. Repeated failure to abide by this warning will be considered as trolling and we will therefore act accordingly, resulting in moderating measures being undertaken. check out New PUBG Emulator Gameloop 7.1.

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