Pepega or Pepe the frog is a human-like frog character who has gained substantial popularity And become one of the most recognizable figures in the meme world. He has earned his spot in internet culture thanks in part to his widespread use as a go-to reaction image online. In various forms in comment sections across the web, his face is used to represent a person’s expression or response far better than words possibly could.

Then there’s angry Pepe. Used to express feelings of rage or frustration.

And of course, we have the ever-so-popular Smug Pepe. Often used when something sinister or malicious is occurring.

Those are just a few in the library of expressions the meme has Pepe started his life in 2005 in a black and white comic series titled Boy’s Club which was created by artist Matt Furie Matt, Dude, Your last name is pretty badass.

Pepe made the transition from a run-of-the-mill comic character to internet trend when a comic is seen with Pepe pulling his pants down to his ankles while urinating became popular on the internet.

In the final panel of the comic, Pepe is questioned by another character about his prior actions His response is a happy Pepe face which is accompanied by the text “Feels good man”.

And I bet it did Wait, You guys, Do frogs have penises? Serious Question

The feels good Pepe face is what initially began to make the reaction popular with its use on forums throughout 2008 eventually the black and white picture of the frog had color added to it creating the colorful Pepe we now know today at that point, its popularity began to spread even further. By 2009 various other Pepe reactions began to appear online.

The first variation on the feels good man Pepe was a sad-faced Pepe with the phrase feels bad man Which was created by simply turning the smile upside down and flipping it around? As we entered a new decade Pepe was well on his way to becoming the meme we now know and love today various sub-genres of the Pepe the frog meme started to take shape such as PooPoo PeePee Pepe in which a smug Pepe is typically involved in mischievous acts involving urine or feces Y-uck.

There’s also the good memes in which Pepe was originally depicted He is seen laughing and then saluting with a beverage in hand along with the captions, haha great post, as well as a good meme, ’d my friend.

The original Pepe version of the meme has branched off to encompass various other characters doing the same thing.

Pepe has become such a big deal on the internet that in 2014 users on 4chan began to share and trade images of Pepe as if they were sports or trading cards

A rare Pepe is an image of Pepe not commonly found on images or search engines typically a rare Pepe has Pepe in unusual circumstances or with strange appearances various rare Pepes have even made their way onto eBay and other auction sites an auction of a collection of rare Pepe’s recently reached a price of over $100,000. And was viewed over 250,000 times before it was removed from the website.


Pepega (pronounced “peh-peyguh”) is yet another one of the emotes created by distorting the original Pepe the Frog and is meant to express that something is stupid. It is “commonly accompanied by the slang pejorative to describe a person with mental disability”, and it is most often used on the streaming platform Twitch, and its rise is mostly owed to Forsen.

In most cases, “pepega” is used to indicate a stupid action or statement by the broadcaster. Its impact is growing on the gaming community, with steady interest according to Google Trends over the course of the last year. Professional Dota 2 team and recent DPC participant Fighting PandaS was also originally Fighting Pepegas before… professionalizing themselves somewhat.

Where did Pepega come from?

The first known usage of Pepega is from a Discord conversation in April 2018 where a user named “adew” has misspelled a meme’s Discord code, missing its second colon, which is apparently where the name is derived from. It was added to the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

Its eventual popularity also has a lot to do with the streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors, whose streaming community was originally displeased by its addition to the channel’s slate of emotes. Predictably, this led to people spamming it in his chat over and over again, which eventually evolved to an iteration with a horn emoji added with the words “FOR SAN” typed after them, to indicate it was saying the streamer’s username in a stupid voice.