PUBG has made an update to their game that allows players to change the sensitivity of their vertical movement. Only a few people are enlightened and thoroughly hide their knowledge from the community. Since the game was first released back in March 2017, there has been an issue with sensitivity stemming from vertical versus horizontal rendering configurations. The problem with vertical sensitivity has now finally been solved with this update!

Hey, it’s me again. I’m hoping this is the last topic regarding mouse sensitivity. So… The previous patch on the test servers brought us a sensitivity slider to change the vertical sensitivity to match the horizontal one. It was working but it was weird with a not-so-precise value in-game that meant changing stuff via ini to get a precise 1:1 setting. Some of us suggested changing the whole thing, making a slider in-game set to 0.7 out of the box (the default setting for compatibility reasons), and the ability to set the multiplier to 1.00 to have 1:1 sensitivity.

Well… thanks to the fucking awesome devs, we got it. So here’s what you need to do (hopefully for the last time) to have 1:1 sensitivity. Bear in mind that this is working on the test servers at the moment but it will most likely go live in 12 hours so this stuff will apply for live servers starting tomorrow when the new patch/season is out.

If you used a previous “fix” you need to do this first. Go to AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor , delete input.ini, and take away the read-only setting on gameusersettings.ini (right-click, properties, read-only).

Once done (or if you never used a fix before) just launch the game, go in options, controls.. there’s a vertical mouse sensitivity slider. Set it to 1.00 by typing the number in the box and not dragging the slider around with your mouse…… and that’s it. No more ini stuff.

Again, thanks to all the pubg team for listening to us. Coming from years of counterstrike it feels weird to have suggestions actually ending up into the game.

Well, that’s all. See ya in-game!

edit: thanks for the gold, AGAIN!


Idk. I always thought 1:1 was always better but when it’s like that and I use a low sensitivity like 20-23 @800 I have great recoil control but I can’t swap to multiple enemies or trace a moving person as easily. Oddly when i was just messing around in the training mode I changed it to .85 and raised my game sens to 27 and I could control recoil still and swap to my enemies a whole lot easier but if I changed the sens to something like 25-26 while keeping the same .85 vertical everything just felt off. So what works for me is either 1:1 at 22-24 or 1:0.85 at 27

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