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The latest update for PUBG MOBILE  APK


  • PUBG MOBILE is getting the latest version 0.18.0 update on Android and iOS devices.
  • Version 18.0 the update brings the Domination mode with vehicular fights.
  • Erangel gets Snow Paradise on the Classic mode matches.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 upgrade is rolling out beginning March 22 and brings the Royale Pass Season 11 dubbed Operation Tomorrow with a new Domination mode. Tencent devs have included the new mode after much fame of the Domination mode on Call of Duty Mobile. In addition to this, the new update also brings a new automobile to the battleground with a whole lot of improvements to the Royale Pass. Following is a brief look at what players can expect.

The 0.17.0 update has been in the hype for a few weeks, with the biggest talking point being the new RageGear mode. Previously known as the Death Race mode, the RageGear mode brings the vehicular battle to PUBG in a classic car race format. Apart from that, you can also get to enjoy snow in Classic Mode matches hosted in Erangel. You will also get to see a couple of minute additions to the game with this update.

If you eat, live and breathe PUBG MOBILE, you should go ahead immediately and download the update. Once you download the update, this is what’s going to change.

PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0: What’s new

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 upgrade introduces Domination mode into the battle royale name with a new stadium map called”Town.” Here, players will be split into red or blue teams to catch two foundations from three. The team that’s able to catch the maximum amount of foundations first wins the round.

In this map, players are also able to get Super Weapons Crates that contain superb weapons like RPG rocket launcher, grenade launcher and missile amongst others.

The Royale Pass Season 11 is themed Operation Tomorrow which adds”futuristic” outfits, items and new assignments with rewards.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.5 upgrade also contains a Light Snowmobile that spawns only on the Vikendi map. The mild snowmobile has space for 2 and is quicker than the normal snowmobile. Because of this, it takes damage more readily.

Furthermore, the upgrade also tweaks the damage rate of Groza from 48down to 45. This is applicable to assignments of the Royale Pass Team Arena. The game will also allow players to take a look at their various figures and highlights as Season Recap.

Players will also find some new safety features and download status buttons once they’ve upgraded their PUBG Mobile into the most recent 0.17.0 version.

Snow Paradise in Erangel 2.0:

Under the Classic mode matches, the Erangel map will feature the Snow Paradise area. This new area will be covered with snowy mountains and players can ride on cable cars to reach the mountain tops. They can also try out freestyle snowboarding in the snowy region. While snowboarding, you can also eliminate your enemies.

Perspective Switching:

This is a new button that allows players to make the switch between the first-person mode and third-person mode while playing. Hence, you can go in any Classic, Arcade, and Training Ground match, and can change the view from first-person to third-person and vice versa while playing.

Apart from these prominent additions, the game also gets minor improvements elsewhere. Players can now have their own weapon load-outs in EvoGround matches. There’s continuous healing in the Classic Mode matches which allows players to heal while moving in the match. The game also gets a Play again feature along with a send friend request after a match.

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