PUBG has excellent gameplay and many games have the same kind of PUBG. Then I’ll tell you 5 offline, Android games, like PUBG Mobile, if you want to play offline games, and my last choice will always be my favorite. Let’s get into it without any more blabbering.

1. Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale

Battlefield Survivors are almost 100% PUBG-like yet offline games. Every game is a game you have to survive in order to be the last one. In an arena that is smaller every minute, you’ll face several adversaries. Players entering the arena will slowly lose their safety bis inside the arena. You ‘re interested in trying?

2. Swag Shooter

 Swag Shooter’s a fun style match for those of you who want to play royal fighting games. This game offers a variety of suits you can pick and buy. This game is the same as Battle Royale, the first of its kind.

3. Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals has very close gaming experience to PUBG. Beginning with a parachute, collect arms until every minute the arena grows smaller. In addition to the royal battle mode, this game has other game modes. It’s fun to play this game of course.

4. Red West Royale

As with other royal sports, Red West Royale has to live until the end and be the first in any match. The improvement is, of course, the graphics. It’s as real as 3D in 2D graphics.

In addition, players can build different defenses like walls, in order to block bullets fired by enemies and stairs to go up to get a view from above. This is a very fun game, apart from that, which can be played offline and online.

5. Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Starfall is my favorite offline royal battle game you can play on Android. As with the ordinary kind, every player will be taken to an arena and will fight to win the game title.

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