Since Krafton announced PUBG New State, PUBG fans have been thrilled. The new heading draws several characteristics from the popular mobile PUBG. PUBG Studios has however decided to include some new features in the next game.

Krafton disclosed on 25 February 2021 the PUBG: New State trailer. It will be released in 2021 and promises “the most practical graphics available for mobile gaming.” A sequel to the massive hit game PUBG Mobile could be considered PUBG New State. But there are several distinct input elements in the upcoming mobile fight against PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State & PUBG Mobile Comparison

1. New Deployment Animation

The teaser for PUBG: New State shows an entirely new deployment animation. There is no deployment animation in PUBG Mobile in comparison. If the new animation is added, it looks like the current Royale intro animation Call of Duty Mobile Battle.

2. New Map

Surprisingly, PUBG: New state won’t have maps from other PUBG games, such as Erangel, Sanhok, etc. Rather, a brand new map is provided for the coming game. But not much about the PUBG: New State maps are revealed. For now, there is only one map, Troi, which is a 2051 map.

3. Weapons (Customization, Animation, and Reload)

Krafton is pledging to bring new PUBG weapons: New State. With the theme of PUBG New State set for the future, futuristic weapons are obvious to the game. In addition, the New State will have a weapon adapter that allows players to personalize the weapons according to their wishes. The new title will also come, as shown in the trailer, with drones and ballistic shields.

PUBG: Mobile is no cocking animation, but in PUBG: New State, the devs seem to be adding one to the game.

4. Vehicles

PUBG: New State vehicles will surely differ from PUBG: Mobile. Mobile. The new state teaser shows state-of-the-art bikes and cars, some of them designed especially for combat.

5. Window Glass Breaking Mechanism

Apart from PUBG for console and PC, there was no glass break mechanism in PUBG. The Devs decided to introduce this in the upcoming royal mobile struggle, PUBG New State, to make things much more similar.

6. Adrenaline Shot

The Adrenaline shot was available in either the mobile version or the PC version in the PUBG franchise already. The visual attraction of the adrenaline shot has changed to the same thing in PUBG New State. Not to speak, the adrenaline shot at Call of Duty: mobile has an outstanding resemblance.

This are the speculation that PUBG Mobile differs from PUBG New State. These forecasts for the elements in the game are however based exclusively on the features shown in the PUBG: new state trailer. So, until the game is released, we can’t be sure of anything.

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