PUBG New State players face server issues UNABLE TO CONNECT THE SERVER; developer rolls out multiple maintenance breaks.

PubG New State was recently released, and players have already begun to take advantage of its exciting features. However, many are having trouble enjoying this game due to multiple issues interrupting their enjoyment.

PUBG New State server issues: Everything to know

The latest version of PUBG Mobile, called New State PUBG Mobile, is based on a more futuristic and advanced version compared to the current one. The game was eagerly awaited by gamers, such as the five million-plus people who downloaded it on its launch day.

The game was launched globally around 04.00 am UTC on November 11. However, players started facing problems connecting to the servers. So the developers implemented two-hour global maintenance in order to remedy cloud technical issues that had developed in relation to the game launch.

Some gamers were annoyed to discover the live-streamed launch event was preceded by a 1.5-hour maintenance break. However, the launch was marked by yet another round of issues, including missing audio files and players not being able to log out or change characters. The company responded by adding a new round of server maintenance from 17:30 UTC to 21:00 UTC.

Krafton also pointed out that they’re taking active measures to completely resolve these problems and expressed their desire to see players play without any difficulties immediately.

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