Much to the excitement of mobile gaming enthusiasts, PUBG New State has arrived for Android devices. The game was supposed to be released at 9:30 AM IST. When it comes to Battle Royale titles like Battlegrounds, Guns of Boom, and more, players often choose to create their own nicknames. However, some face creativity problems when trying to come up with a nickname that is unique while still sounding cool. Thus people turn to nickname generators where they can input some letters and eventually get a list of suggestions that they might want to use one day in the future.

Nickname generators that can be used to customize PUBG New State nicknames

Due to a lack of symbols and support for custom fonts on Android and iOS keyboards, many players opt for name generator websites. These websites have a huge range of symbols and fonts that players can use to customize their nicknames and game names.

PUBG Name Gen and New State Name Gen, are a couple of the most popular name generators that players can choose from. In Nickfinder, they can find numerous names categorized by different symbols. They can even enter a pre-decided name and wait for the website to come up with similar results.

More about PUBG New State from Krafton

PUBG New State has great graphics and is set in the year 2051, as a result of which players can use modern gadgets. The Battle Royale title already has a great rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store, though it may decrease as more reviews get added.

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