PUBG is one of the most prolific royal franchise fights, with games racking up big numbers on different channels. Krafton Inc has recently released PUBG New State, the newest addition for Android and iOS users. Pre-registration of the game is ongoing in the Play Shop. A trailer has also been released for the game.

The forthcoming PUBG New State will include 100 parts in a match with the last group or player to endure dominating the match. As indicated by the official statement, the new landmark is named Troi and will be 8×8 km in size.

“Explore massive 8×8 km open worlds with a variety of vehicles.”


In the meantime, Lite, being the restrained variant, includes a lot more modest guides and lessens ongoing interaction’s visual components. It has 60 players dropping onto a 2×2 km map.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile Lite is the condensed version of the famed Royal Fight title-‘PUBG Mobile Lite.’ The game has been designed specifically for consumers to enjoy Battle Royale’s experience on low-end handheld devices.

This essay highlights the variations that occur between the games.

PUBG New State (Mobile) vs. PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum Requirements

PUBG New State offers Ultra-Realistic Graphics by using Global illumination technology. Players require a device with a minimum of 2.5 GB of RAM running on Android version 6 or higher

Meanwhile, Lite has modest device requirements. The game requires 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly.

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Weapon customization and next-gen survival features

PUBG New State will offer users the opportunity to modify and make their own weapons via a unique weapons customization feature. However, the exact specifics of this feature haven’t been revealed. The official press release said,

“A new in-game weapon customization feature, players can make various weapons their own by obtaining customization kits. These kits will transform weapons in different ways, such as performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments.”

The customization feature appears to vary from the numerous attachment options the players have in PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG New State is set in 2051. The game is expected to incorporate futuristic items like drones, combat rolls, ballistic shields, and more. The Play Store description of the game reads, “Enjoy a variety of tools and features, including drones, combat rolls, and more.” However, Lite doesn’t seem to have any such items as those mentioned in PUBG New State.


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