PUBG Mobile celebrated its 3rd birthday party on Sunday, i.e. 21 March. Three popular DJs, Alesso, Lost Frequencies, and R3HAB from around the world, have each created a new track for the players to the game.

PUBG Mobile has also announced a worldwide download that exceeded one billion. The title, published in 2018, was the 4th most downloadable game in 2020, with an install of more than 232 million.

PUBG Mobile also generated more than USD 2.6 billion last year, the highest revenue generator. The Royal Fight has spent over US$4 billion on player spending since its inception.

PUBG Mobile revealed the release date of the Karakin map



The host Spencer has announced that on the 7th of April all players will finally have access to the new map, Karakin. To date, only the version beta has had the sixth classic map.

Karakin is a 2×2 map of the desert, much smaller in size, similar to Miramar. A lobby of 64 players will feature new features such as Sticky Bombs and Smuggle Tunnels.

On its third anniversary, PUBG Mobile also wished Adam Wingard, director of the upcoming film Godzilla vs Kong. He announced a new model that would allow players to be part of an unforgettable game with Kong and Godzilla.

There has also been a special announcement on PUBG Mobile Sports. Officials announced a new summer world-class tournament, which would directly invite the world’s top teams to compete for the ultimate title and a huge prize pool.

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