PUBG Mobile Season 15 expected to release on 15th September 2020,tier rewards,Royale Pass leaked, New mode, Skin, Character and more

After the release of the season 14, PUBG Mobile’s season 15 information has begun to surface on the Internet. 2020. Season 14 is scheduled to end on September 13, and Season 15 is expected to be released on September 15, 2020. A few days ago, season 15 has been leaked.

Let’s take a quick look at it, in this article, you will find the information you want to know.

New Mode

It seems that the mobile version of PUBG has added the “coronavirus s” theme to a new mode through mask accessories and a new “virus mode”. In this mode, you will fight and rob with a huge virus ball. Some adjustments will also be made to rankings and leaderboards.

New Character

PUBG mobile game season 15 may add a new character called Sunny-there is not enough information yet-it seems he will be wearing black clothes with gold decorations.

New Skins

Season15 will update all kinds of new clothes and backpacks. The most exciting addition may be facial tattoos/masks/makeup. They will replace all graffiti in the Elite Pass.图片包含 游戏机


In addition to masks, there are some clothing, backpack leather, vehicle, and parachute leather. Finally, there are some weapon skins and expressions. These may become part of the Royal Pass.图片包含 桌子, 前, 华美, 男人


Gold Tier

When the player reaching the Gold tier, the evil themed outfit will be the reward. Although there is no name available yet.

Platinum Tier

According to the leaked information, this is the mask for the Gold tier outfit, and it’s inspired by the Japanese Oni Mask.图片包含 自行车, 桌子, 玩具, 球


The current information about Season 15, as shown above, more relevant information, GameLoop will be updated in real-time.


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