PUBG is considered among the best survival games in which the player needs to survive till the end to become the winner. Despite the exclusive availability of the game only for China, other users are also allowed to download the game using the Android or iOS platforms. However, the gaming environment does not feel compatible with the users other than China due to the limited language constraints. So here we are going to share Pubg mobile alternative.

The excitement hidden behind the adventurous exploring features attracts the users in India as well to have the convenient game playing access but use to get frustrated due to the limited access. The following list of compiled points is the 10 best games like PUBG or battle royal games which can be opted by the users and get installed to the concerned handheld devices (including Android and iOS) for complete enjoyment without any language constraints.

10 Best PUBG Mobile Alternative in 2022 For Android And iOS (2022)

1. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike is one of the most loved and admirable games focusing proudly itself towards the last man survival among a group of enemies. The player is dropped into an island full of deserts along with 20 other players to fight for survival. Challenges are offered to the concerned player under various phases and the last man who still remains alive is offered with the winner crown. The game offers the players a chance to test the combat skills supported with high-quality 3D graphics and hefty arsenal. Controls have been provided in a well strategic manner extremely similar to every other similar game title for various handheld devices. However, there should be an enhancement in the gun shooting mechanisms as fighting consistently among the group of 20 players is not an easy task to perform. Focus had been provided in making the interface enhanced but the inbuilt game based controls would have been increased to compete proudly with the original PUBG games.

Links: Android, iOS

2. Survival Royale

The game has been developed by the NetEase games corporation with the gaming interface similar to the Rules of Survival providing an awesome battling experience when played via smartphones.

Unlike the opposition counts available with the discussed game, there exist 100 different players to fight and provided with extra large and comparatively better graphics with the advanced arsenal of weapons as well. Despite focusing on the playing button’s size, the emphasis has been laid on making the environment packed with advanced and stunning graphics and lively combat experience along with the added set of controls.

Possibilities have been provided to switch over towards additional models as well including Fireworks Night and Prop-Shields to stay more protected in adverse gaming situations. Events are also scheduled under the gaming console including Valentine’s Special etc to increase the joy of playing more than the regular gaming timings. Duo player gaming facility is offered to the players during the event of Valentine’s Day.

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3. Knives Out

The Knives Out is one of the best games like PUBG which you should try. The gaming experience is quite similar to the other developed NetEase games but the unique locations have been included for increasing the playing charm.

Train tunnels along with the snow surrounded mountains excite the players while fighting for survival along with the enemies. Advanced demographics increase to hide-out possibilities as well and thereby more possibilities of the targeted shooting of the enemies evolve. The game is provided with high-end aesthetics encouraging the player to remain in the battle and come out finally by wearing the winner’s crown. The players are provided with the costumes including the commando-like battling masks as well as the survival jackets.

Owing to the equipped and enhanced set of titles, the app has received over 10 million installs over both the Android and iOS platforms which is available both for free as well as in-app purchases by paying a one-time amount of $0.99.

Links: AndroidiOS

4. Rules of Survival

This game is one of the most played games as the interface and functionalities match exactly to that of the original PUBG games. Soon after the start of the game, the player is dropped on an island of 8*8 km in the area along with the group of 120 other players over the fighting battleground.

The key player has to keep himself safe and sound from the deadly attacks of other available players to finally win the winner’s crown. The app download rate is extremely interesting and it has reached more than 100 million downloads.

This attractive number of downloads definitely puts the app under the category of most widely used PUBG games alternatives over mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Following the game’s popularity, three servers have been installed over the different locations of the world including Asia, America, and Europe.

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5. Free Fire-Battlegrounds

The gaming environment provides a 10-minute window for the players to survive against the available 49 different users over the platform. The users who did not find themselves comfortable enough to remain static in high capacity fights like the game mostly because of the availability of manageable controls over the screen which are extremely easy to navigate.

The game acts as a warm-up platform to enhance the high capacity game-playing skills within a short span of time. The player is left on a remote island for survival where they have to search for the weapons along with the first aid medical kits and keep themselves secured by hiding out properly. Fighting and battling strategy can be created by developing a four men squad within the gaming environment.

High-end game playing graphics have been made provided and smooth availability is there both for Android and iOS-enabled handheld devices.

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6. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

The gaming environment provides the players to get deeper inside the exciting features laid under the battle royal fights via the mobile devices. The game has been developed targeting the players who do not want to keep themselves engaged in playing pixel style retro visuals like games.

The player is held under a battling situation where safe survival makes him win the winner’s crown. However, the most interesting part is the availability of a wide variety of shooting guns including SMG, Pixel Guns, AK, etc to name a few. The developers have focused to provide an auto-shoot mode as well in the environment to instantly shoot the enemies when required. The game is under development at present and hence the users may encounter glitches while playing the game.

Availability is both for Android and iOS environments and the provision of access has been provided for free as well as via in-app purchase by paying a one-time amount of $0.99.

Links: AndroidiOS

7. Black Survival

The player is provided with a facility to choose an anime character after which he is left over various geographical locations of the battling ground including 22 different fighting areas including hospitals, forest, beach, etc to name a few.

The areas are locked for starting the battle where the game lasts approximately 20 minutes of the time period. At about 600 different types of weapons are provided which are made available to the players by properly syncing with the different available characters over the gaming interface.

In addition to the weapons, foods are also provided for soldier’s survival making the game extremely interesting and action-packed. Available both for Android and iOS platforms for free as well as via in-app purchase starting at $ 0.99.

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8. Mini DAYZ

The most attractive part of the game is that it is available completely for free without any available options for in-app purchases. The player is left alone for survival in a place like a post-apocalyptic map lashed with the deserts, forests, trees, etc.

Players are provided with a challenge to survive over the place searching for weapons, foods and other essential stuff to stay alive and going. Players are encountered with the infectious AI zombies having deadly diseases. The player needs to immediately shoot the diseased walking AI zombies to remain safe, sound and secured.

Consistent walking ability with a lesser amount of blood loss from the body is needed to be kept inside the mind to stay alive and having the winner’s crown after the victory. Both the Android and iOS devices support the gaming interface and accordingly targets most of the gamers all across the world.

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9. Last Day on Earth: Survival

The mobile game is very addictive with visuals and voice control. The world is infected with a deadly virus that has destroyed the human race and turned the dead into zombies. In The Last Day on Earth, you will have to survive till the last by fighting against zombies, and other players against all odds. To survive in the game you will have to build a safe shelter, join clans, craft objects, destroy zombies, create transport and do a lot more.

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10. Vast Survival

The player is put in an awesome 3D environment with a facility of self-crafting and building features to remain alive and going while battling. 26 players are provided in the first person or even the third person mode to fight the battle survival till the end of the game for winning the winner’s crown. The game is currently in alpha testing mode and the availability is for both the available mobile platforms.

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There are many royal battle games available for you to play, the above mentioned are the 10 best games like PUBG which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. What do you think about these games, which is your favorite one?

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