pubg mobile new Pakistan server

PUBG Mobile is one of the current stalwarts on mobile gaming that has started taking considerable strides in 2021. Many big gaming titles are trying into the South Asian region by giving them exclusive servers for a smooth and lag-free gaming action.

The most advanced to join the fight is the mobile Battle Royale guide PUBG Mobile, which has provided dedicated servers for Pakistan.

Private PUBG Mobile server for Pakistan available now

The servers went live newly after PUBG Mobile announced the news on their social media platforms, promising a lag-free experience and reducing Ping by 50%. In January this year, developers announced that new servers would be coming soon.

PUBG Mobile developers had previously restricted players from switching to different servers from time-to-time. This made the playing experience difficult for Pakistani players.

The servers had been a long term demand of the vast Pakistani player-base who relied on the Middle East, European, and Asian servers where they rarely got a stable green ping.

Competing on those servers was a hassle for the Pakistani players because their in-game lag and de-sync hampered gameplay to a large extent.

Pakistani players will now enjoy a lag-free and fair gaming environment with the servers live, which will boost the gameplay experience for both competitive and casual players.

The new servers will also help develop the PUBG Mobile Esports in Pakistan with conducted tournaments without hassle.


Recently, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, tweeted that Esports would be recognized as an official sport. The announcement was met with Esports enthusiasts’ praise and garnered adulation from professional players from different titles in Pakistan.

With the 2021 season of PUBG Mobile Esports kicking off with PMCO 2021: Spring Split, it would be interesting to see how the Pakistani players and teams perform at the local and international levels.

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