The best DMR weapons in PUBG Mobile are the Mk14 and Mini 14. But which one should you choose? This conundrum has been debated among players for years, with no clear answer as both guns have their pros and cons. The largest difference between them is damage per shot; while on paper a rifle might fire 12 rounds before needing to reload or an SMG fires half that amount at 6 shots each — it’s not always so spectacularly different when faced against other human opponents!

A large section of players believe that the Mk14 is a better choice when it comes to mid-long range combats, and they think Mini 14 trumps the former for long-distance precision. In this article, we’ll give you detailed stats so as decide which gun in the DMR category works best with your gameplay style!



Mk14 is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile, but unfortunately, it’s not very easy to get. For example, if you want a gun like this then your options are either waiting for an airdrop or getting lucky from looting other players’ crates with scavenging enemies nearby that also shoot at anything they see as potential loot! The Mk 14 uses 7.62mm rounds and can fire accurately up close thanks to its high muzzle velocity (540 m/s). However, when shooting further away accuracy takes too much time which means gameplay becomes slower paced rather than fast-paced as seen before because shots don’t land where intended sometimes making dodging difficult.

Mini 14

The Mini-14 is perhaps one of the most unique guns in PUBG Mobile. The DMR has an extremely high initial bullet velocity, which means that you can hit moving targets easily and handle multiple enemies at once with precision for long-range shots; not to mention how easy it will be if your target falls down dead from lack of oxygen due to its low drop rate paired with extreme accuracy on ranged combat! In addition save time when aiming because this weapon’s biggest asset isn’t just its immense power but also the fact there are so many bullets available without having reloaded often – even though some might say otherwise about “spray ‘n pray” players who use only one attachment each game (which I disagree).

The Mini 14 is a great gun for shooting and it’s recoil- controllable. The player will not have trouble choosing between suppressor, compensator, or flash hider because they all work well with this firearm type. However, if you want the full potential of your weapon then using one would be best – such as a Compensator which allows more power shots without having too much kickback from firing rounds off in quick succession due to its design
A muzzle brake may also come into play here depending on how far up close/at range combat takes place but regardless we recommend checking out our selection at CZusa Gun Sales Online Shop.

No other DMR weapon in-game can match the damage output of a PDW70. The initial bullet speed is 853 m/s which makes it one of their fastest weapons to use, with an extended magazine that allows players to fire 20 bullets instead of just 10 – no limit for original mags as well! You’ll also be able to attach suppressors and flash hiders normally found on shotguns or rifles respectively while you’re at it; plus there are plenty more scope options available such as red dot sights (to zoom), 3x magnifiers…the list goes on so have fun choosing what suits your taste best from our wide variety selection here at FPS Store Online!

Mk14 vs Mini 14

The Mini 14 is a powerful gun when used in auto mode but lacks the precision of its rival. On paper, it has worse stats than an M14-a Springfield Armory variant often seen during World War II due to being cheaper and simpler for production purposes (though these days you can get one made by Colt). However, this doesn’t matter because what really matters are how each firearm performs at close range where their differences become more pronounced: while automatic fire might seem appealing on paper as well as technically possible with two guns firing simultaneously without any delays or misfires, there are zero points shooting anything past 10 feet away effectively with either rifle–especially not if they’re both equipped externally from

Mk14: Damage – 61, Reload – 3.683 seconds, Range – 123.83, Rate of fire – 0.09

Mini 14: Damage – 46, Reload – 3.6 seconds, Range – 127.11, Rate of fire – 0.1

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