The latest Russian genre film is Project Gemini, Zviozdnyi Razum, or Proekt Gemini. With mixed results, I have reviewed many Russian science fiction films, from Attraction through Sputnik and The Blackout. I was impressed by the trailer and the fact that Well Go USA has purchased it for US and Canadian release.

Three years after a deadly virus decimated much of Earth’s plant life, humanity’s fate is determined by a pair of alien artifacts that scientists have discovered and kept secret. An engine that allows deep space travel and an orb that could have been the key to Earth’s birth. They plan to build a new home for humanity with this engine.

Steve (Egor Koreshkov and Jetlag), David (Dmitriy Frid), and Leona Martinez Lisa are part of the crew that was sent to Tess. They are rescued in an unknown galaxy after a jump goes wrong. However, there is a nearby planet that could be used to terraform Tess.

The Project Gemini had a hard road to get on screen. Much of the footage was shot in English in 2016, with an eye towards the international market. This was followed by reshoots and redubs into Russian, and finally, in the case, I saw, back to English. This may be why the dialogue sounds often melodramatic or overdone, even though it is performed by experienced American voice actors.

It is also impossible to determine how much of Project “Gemini” 420p is the direct work of Serik Beyseu (Never Say Goodbye), and Dmitriy Zigigalov (Beyond the Edge Abigail). No matter who directed it, Project Gemini does have some great effects that helped me forget the dialogue and dress up a predictable plot. Are these accidents really accidents? Is it an alien presence, or a human saboteur behind the various accidents?

The cast eventually finds themselves trapped on the planet’s surface, fighting each other while an alien attempts to kill them all. It all sounds familiar if it does. Project Gemini combines bits and pieces of various Alien films, including Prometheus. It also includes knockoffs from Norman J. Warren’s Inseminoid, Roger Corman, and many other Italian productions. Hans would be a perfect fit if Klaus Kinski were still alive.

All of this makes for a very funny film. It isn’t necessarily coherent but it has plenty to offer. It is impossible to imagine what Project Gemini Hindi Dubbed would look like without all the post-production tweaking. The result is far better than we could have hoped for, despite the poor editing and a few plot threads that were dropped. Maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable, like Shocking Dark.

PROJECT GEMINI (2022) Official Trailer | Sci-Fi Space Thriller

Project Gemini 2022 cast

  • Egor Koreshkov as Dr. Steven Ross (Steve)
  • Alyona Konstantinova as Amy.
  • Konstantin Samoukov as Ryan Connell, captain.
  • Nikita Dyuvbanov as Frank Miller.
  • Elizaveta Martinez Kardenaz as Leona Redwood.
  • Viktor Potapeshkin as Richard Wilson.
  • Dmitry Frid as David Kurtz, an astronaut.
  • Pyotr Romanov as Peter Lehmann.

PROJECT GEMINI is available on Digital, Bluray & DVD starting March 15, 2022. Humankind is facing the grim reality that it may need to create a new home in outer space after centuries of devastation of Earth’s resources. The crew finds themselves suddenly without power on an unknown planet after an international expedition is formed. They’ll soon discover that there is something far more than they imagined, waiting for them to be discovered. (Language: English)

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