What is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang HFR mode

After the last update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, for some of our customers, the HFR(High frame rate) mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was not available anymore. The Gameloop team has found and fixed the problem.

How to enable Mobile Legends: Bang Bang HFR mode

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Update Gameloop to the latest (0.15.5 and up) version  download here
  2. Install Game loop Emulator (If it is already this model, just skip this step)
  3. Open Tencent Gameloop Emulator
  4. Open Game Center and install Mobile Legends

Finished! You can now enjoy Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a smoother experience!

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game for PC | Read on for Hero Guides, Updates and Hacks

If you’re a fan of MOBA sports, then Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game you can’t miss! Engage in a thrilling 5v5 battle and knock down the towers of your opponent to win the final victory!

Group up with your friends at this 5v5 MOBA showdown! Choose your favorite heroes and set up an all-star team to fight! The program is fast matching players with abilities comparable to you. Drive through the towers in the different lands with your comrades in the MLBB.

Defeat the minions and jungle monsters for extra gold and exp points to level your hero quickly. Better still, beat larger monsters like Turtle and Lord to gain the upper hand over your enemies, such as bonus gold and more damage to tower defenses. MLBB is all about fast action and fast-thinking strategy fighting, mixed in one online game. Win the game, get the MVP crowned for the game and become LEGENDARY.

Mobile Legends Game Features: Classic MOBA Maps, with simplified gameplay

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features a classic MOBA gameplay that is easy for newcomers to learn while demanding for seasoned players. It’s very reminiscent of MOBA games such as League of Legends and DotA 2. With your home base spreading out to 3 lanes that lead to the territory of your rival, schedule your paths with your teammates.

Whether it’s a 2-1-2 fight or a 1-3-1 tactic, make sure you’ve got all the lanes filled, or else your adversary will target the gaps! Minions are spawning regularly to help you battle. The 18 security towers spread around the lanes also have an offensive range to protect themselves from foreign invaders.

Play with Facebook Friends, or even players worldwide

Mobile Legends is an online game that requires a high level of coordination and strategic planning. Choose the right one that matches your gaming style with different types of heroes to choose from. Don’t forget, above all, to keep the balance within the squad. For example, Marksmen inflict a great deal of damage to the opponent but have a low HP. They would, therefore, require the support of other Tank Heroes and/or Assistance Characteristics to take damage from them. So, when you choose to deploy your favorite heroes, remember that individualism is not welcomed in Mobile Legends as it often contributes to the downfall of your squad.

Seasonal Events and Exclusive Rewards

New heroes and skins are continuously being released to encourage players to keep trying out new characters and increasing the hero’s potential with exclusive skins. Apart from investing diamonds to unlock higher ranked heroes, seasonal events often offer players a chance to win new heroes. Medal chests also unlock hero fragments and skin fragments for players to trade for new heroes and skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. There will also be periodic in-store sales where you can purchase new skins and characters at a lower cost! So be sure to keep an eye on these cheap thrills!

Built-In Artificial Intelligence Program ensuring no delays in gameplay

Fair plays in Mobile Legends are welcomed. Bring the team to victory. Wins are focused on the skills and abilities of the team and not on charging for the numbers. The smart AI bot in the MLBB will make sure that the game is still going on when one of your teammates has a communication breakdown and you wouldn’t be too disabled with a missing player in the team.

Simple Game Controls, the game does all the aiming for you.

Simple controls on the game often make it easy for players to get the hang of the game. Its self-locking and target shifting provide assistance in targeting your opponents so that you’ll have less to worry about in this intense gameplay.

Follow these easy steps to complete your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang installation.

1. Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
2. Click “Yes” on the system dialog window to start your game installation.
3. Once the download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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