Purpose of Pehchaan is to facilitate the public to search or find the criminal record or background of any person they are dealing with e.g. employee verification, marriage or business dealing, etc.

Punjab Police and PSCA have launched this application to provide the public with easy access to the criminal background record of any person through CNIC. It will help you verify the background of a person by checking if an FIR has been registered against them. People can find/search/check the criminal background of a person through CNIC only.

After installing this application, you will have to signup first to check the criminal record of a person.

If the person being verified is a criminal and an FIR has been registered against them, the record will show you the details of that person, which includes the photo of that crime and the Police station name where FIR has been registered against him/her.

Otherwise, it will show you a message that “No Criminal Record Found”.

The results provided in the Pehchan app are based initially on CNIC of the Lahore district. However, the background records being provided are only to the extent of CNIC. It is possible that a record of a particular individual may exist without CNIC for which Punjab Safe Cities Authority and Punjab police take no responsibility. This facility is just the first step in providing public information regarding the criminal record of an individual. It has no legal value. this app is available for Android, Ios, and PC.


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