Mobile Legends for PC is a fun and addictive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game originally released for mobile platforms, but with the help of emulators, now also every PC gamer can also experience this great actioner on the displays of their home PC or laptop.

Originally released in 2016, this game focused on the 5 vs 5 multiplayer gameplay. With each team’s goal to destroy the enemy’s base while protecting their own, Mobile Legends continued to be one of the most popular multiplayer mobile games in Asia with its users becoming fans of it instantly. Its popularity also led to Mobile Legends introducing their own Pro League which has its tournament taking place every year at the annual Southeast Asian Cup event and more recently at the Southeast Asian Games event.

During matches, 14 avatars controlled by human players follow the traditional gameplay tactics over extended minutes over three very long and lengthy extense “lanes” against AI-controlled minions and turrets to secure and hold the traditional gameplay tactic of the Mobile Legends for Desktop.

Players take out weaker minions in their path, dispatch enemy towers, and engage enemy heroes when they have a chance to use special abilities in accordance with basic attack and defense strategy. The heroes of Overwatch can be grouped into 6 general categories (Assassin, Marksman, Support, Mage, Tank, and Fighter), each type of character enabling group members to organize their own affiliated teams that can help each other in heated combat situations.

To play this game on your PC, you will have to download a bit larger archive that will also have in it a fully-featured android emulator. This emulator will covert the android app into a playable windows program that will perform without any performance penalties.

As an added bonus, the emulator will take advantage of your strong PC hardware to render games in larger resolution and more frames per second than is possible on mobile hardware, and also enable you to take control over the game with your PC peripherals and fully customize control set to your liking. Since both the emulator and the game are free for use, you can in mere minutes get Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your PC and start playing online multiplayer matches without any restrictions.

Main Features

  • Premier MOBA on mobile platform arrives on PC without compromises.
  • 5v5 battles against real opponents, on traditional MOBA maps with 18 defense turrets and 2 wild bosses.
  • Take advantage of teamwork and strategy to win against your opponents.
  • Fast-paced matches, perfect for both mobile and PC play.
  • Easy to master simple controls.
  • 10 seconds to matchmake, 10 minutes to finish a match!
  • Get back to the active match even if you lose the internet connection. During your away time, your hero will be AI-controlled and be ready for your return.
  • Playable on PC via optimized Android emulator on both home PCs and laptops.
  • Available on all modern versions of Windows OS.
  • 100% FREE!

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