We’ve been seeing various reports of Authentication Errors for players using Call of Duty logins in COD: Mobile. Our teams have been investigating this and we believe we found a solution that should be rolling out now. If you have been encountering this issue please try restarting the app and logging in again, it should work now.

However, if you keep encountering issues with this error please reach out to player support teams so they can escalate it back up! Thanks to everyone who reported this and helped us jump on it early.

Have a great week everyone and keeps an eye out for all of the Season 3

CODM Activision login issue: 1.

Download and run .bat from 

If blocked by windows open the Detail/Advance option on the page then Run/Open Anyway.

If after run .bat still cannot log in via Activision:

1. Repair your game loop from your pc/laptop control panel>Open  add/remove programs>open Gameloop>There will be the choice to Uninstall or Repair>Choose REPAIR

2. Open CODm from Gameloop then clear cache 2x If your game loop never has any error before this should work When already able to log in via Activision, don’t forget to download all data again inside the game.

if it still freezes on the login page after you put in your password, hit “sign up” but instead of making a new account, press the back button and put your password again.

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