Free Fire has always been loved by many players all around the world and people in India are gradually shifting from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire in the spirit of boycotting Chinese apps.

This battle royale game ensures the right amount of excitement and adrenaline that a player desires from a shooting game. Like other games, this game also has its own game currency which is denoted by Diamonds.

It is no news that in order to get weapon skins and cool costumes, Free Fire players need Diamonds. Sometimes the required amount of Diamonds needed for skin is too much, leaving them inevitably disappointed. So if you have more Diamonds, you can enjoy the game more.

All the Diamond lovers of Free Fire can rejoice now, as a Diamond top-up platform has been created by Garena.

You can get a 100% top-up bonus by buying Diamonds from here. When you buy a particular number of Diamonds, you will get double the number of Diamonds bought. This is what is meant by 100% top-up. The only catch? This offer is valid only for first-timers.

The “ Bonus Diamond ” event will arrive this Wednesday (5th) and will be valid until August 10, 2020, through Recarga JogoGarena ‘s official website for obtaining diamonds.

Players who buy Free Fire diamonds through the Recarga Jogo website will receive a 90% bonus in relation to the amount purchased.

The Free Fire Game Refill is Garena ‘s official website for buying Free Fire diamonds with various payment methods and bonus promotions.

Making your  Free Fire recharge on the website will give you  10%  extra diamond bonuses in the game.

The  Free Fire recharge center has several forms of payment such as bank slip,  credit card, and lottery.

How long does it take for Free Fire diamonds to count? This will depend on which payment method you have chosen, see below for Garena’s own support information  :

Boleto:  Up to 3 working days *

Credit card:  Up to 2 business days *

Bank transfer:  Up to 3 working days *

Google Play balance:  Up to 2 business days *

Apple Store Balance:  Up to 2 business days *

Boleto and Express deposit: Up to 1 hour (if paid within 30 minutes after completing the purchase on the website) *

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