The Garena Free Fire OB23 New Update content leak:New character Evelyn, new pet penguin, and new gun AUG

Previously, the new character Wolfrah, the very first birdie to use Falco, a strong anti-Hacking device, and more, was published by GameLoop on Free Fire OB22. Now that July has arrived, OB23 will be updating, let ‘s look at what’s changed for the first time.


New character Evelyn

Evelyn is a new character who enters the game. Known in specialized servers previously as Clu.

Delivering Gold is Evelyn’s unique talent. This skill can detect enemies who are not prone or squat within a limited radius of Evelyn. Her special capability at Level 1 stretches to 30 meters and reveals the location of the enemy in 5 seconds. Every additional layer increases the display time by 0.5 seconds and the effect by 5 meters. She began to share her teammates with the enemy after level 4. That’s 50 seconds to cool off. On level 8, Evelyn is able to find enemies within 55 meters and displays them for 7.5 seconds on the mini screen.

New pet penguin

This bird pet was eye-catching when OB22 was updated. OB23 is bringing also a new species, a lovely penguin. There is currently little detail. The capacity of the animal and its final appearance are not clear yet. Once the game’s advanced server is turned on, all details will be updated on the GameLoop website.

New Gun-AUG

The gun is already available in PUBG Mobile and other battle royale games and will now enter Free Fire. It can be equipped with almost all accessories such as the muzzle, suppressor, expansion magazine, etc.

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