GameLoop or Tencent Gaming Buddy is a popular Android emulator right now. GameLoop is developed especially for gaming, that’s why some PC gamers move to this instead of using Nox. Afterward, there is a way to adjust GameLoop emulator best setting for low-end PC, exciting!

First things first, do you know the difference between Tencent GameLoop and Gaming Buddy? Well, don’t be confused, GameLoop is a new update of Gaming Buddy. It means that Gaming Buddy is an old emulator from Tencent, and GameLoop is the latest which has new User Interface and performance increment. Then without further ado, let’s talk about GameLoop emulator best setting for low-end PC.

Low-end PC has less than 4GB RAM and less than 512MB Graphics Card. If your PC or laptop has those specifications, then your PC is classified as medium or high-end PC. Here is the configuration of low-end PC:

1. Open your Tencent Gaming Buddy software.

2. On the top right corner, click on the symbol with three horizontal parallel lines symbol (Menu) and then go to “Setting”.

3. In the Setting section, go to “Engine”.

4. In the Rendering section, choose “OpenGL”.

5. In the Rendering section, tick “Render Cache” and “Enforce Global Render Cache”.

6. Still, in the Rendering section, untick “Prioritize Dedicated GPU” and “Rendering Optimization”.

7. In the Anti-aliasing section, choose “Close”.

8. In the Memory section, choose 1024MB If your RAM is 2GB, choose 1536 MB if your RAM is 3GB, or choose 2048 MB if your RAM is 4GB. 

9. If your System has Dual-Core Processor, Select “1” in the Processor section, If it is Quad-Core Processor, Select “2”.

10. In the DPI section, choose 160 for minimum DPI.

Alright, that is the Game Loop best setting for low-end PC. If you don’t have the application and want to install it, click here to go to the official website. Try it now, mates!

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