Hello Gammers! Today We have the best Tencent Gaming Buddy settings for you to try! This setting has followed this latest Official PUBG Emulator Mobile update 7.1!

So make sure your gameloop emulator is updated! And just look at the following settings that we posted you can download Latest Tencent Gaming Buddy By here Download Tencent Gaming Buddy.

tencent Gaming Buddy Settings

Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings

You must pay notice to the emulator settings, for the smooth running of the PUBG Mobile game that you will do. Well, first you can open the Basics settings in the Tencent Gaming Buddy settings.

Follow the image settings above for the best settings on Pubg Emulator

In the second setting, Engine, try using OpenGL rendering if you experience graphics problems in the game. You can also change it to DirectX as long as you don’t use the + one.

The rest of the settings see in the above picture

In the Game, settings use 720p Gaming Resolution for 90fps smooth play. For Display Quality, you can choose Auto or Smooth to be more smooth.

If your CPU is really low end, u can optimize your windows by following these steps

1> Press the Windows key.-> Type “SystemPropertiesAdvanced”.->Click on “Run as administrator.” You’ll see the advanced properties page: ->Click on “Settings.”

You’ll see the performance options tab.->check on “adjust windows for best performance“.
2> Set VRAM as shown in the guide given below
3> Set power plan to high performance from the control panel
4> Download “Razer Cortex” and boost your system before playing a game
5> make sure your antivirus and windows firewall is turned off, or that may use your resources in the background.

A short guide to allocate paging file as Virtual RAM (for the ones who don’t have a dedicated GPU):-

->Press the Windows key.
->Type “SystemPropertiesAdvanced”.
->Click on “Run as administrator.” You’ll see the advanced properties page:
->Click on “Settings.” You’ll see the performance options tab.
->Select the “Advanced” tab. …
->Select “Change”.
->then choose the drive where gameloop is installed
->set custom size and set both initial and maximum size to 6144MB (6GB is more than enough for gameloop)
->then press on set and apply
->restart your device


DPI in Gameloop doesn’t affect performance but overall UI size in other games and the android settings, it represents clearer graphics in simpler words
-Use this info to get the best results select the dpi according to resolution
-1024×576 = 120 DPI
-1280×720 = 160 DPI
-1366×768 = 240 DPI
-1600×900 = 320 DPI
-1920×1080 or higher = 400 or 480 DPI

Difference between engines in Gameloop and basics

OpenGL:– It’s a fast render and strictly based on graphics, so it can only process the graphics. It may give u better FPS, but very unstable. It’s CPU intensive, so APUs are better with this Engine.Note->consoles and mobile devices run on this engine

DirectX:– It’s an all-rounder and precise API. It can render graphics, audio, even network precisely and stable. It uses CPU and GPU both but it has lack compatibility

OpenGL+ and DirectX+ have just modified OpenGL and DirectX especially designed for Gameloop for some selected games which run on the AOW engine

Smartmode:  It’s just an AI that chooses the best among the available engines according to CPU and GPU combination

OpenGL and DirectX engines don’t work on the AOW engine, they only work on a standard engine.

Choosing openGL or DirectX forcibly for AOW engine forces your engine to switch to smart mode

DirectX+ is best for stable performance for games that run in the AOW engine

Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings in Game

Use the Smooth for Graphics settings more smoothly. Sometimes even though your PC is capable of larger settings, the game itself makes it slow.

Frame Rate affects how smooth your game looks. For that, choose Extreme so that your game automatically, optimizes the Frame Rate you have.

Anti Aliasing removes sharp angles from the graphics displayed in the game. If you don’t care too much about the aesthetics of this game, you can be Disable to facilitate your game

You must Disable Adjust Graphics to avoid disturbing you during the game. It must be often pressed right after this game to change your graphics automatically

How are you guys? With this new best setting, surely Tencent Gaming Buddy Gameloop will run smoothly and won’t lag anymore

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