[About] Gameloop v3.0 Beta Version

GameLoop has obtained a huge achievement, after its transforming into the sports platform. Since the newest emulator rebranded by Tencent Gambling Buddy, GameLoop always to optimize the gaming experience and environment for identifying game types.

Recently, GameLoop started its newest variant GameLoop 3.0 from the public, together with the new variant beta testing. Apart from providing more interesting and exciting games for all players, this new version solves a lot of frequent issues that players may meet when they are playing the emulator, especially for the emulator setting and design.

The video below shows the experience of player of the new version:

Here are some attractive and Innovative functions of GameLoop 3.0 that you may meet in the Newest version:

Enjoying Fantastic Gaming Experience in Massive Game Categories

Compare with the last version, GameLoop 3.0 spends lots of effort to maximize the game certain design. It’s simpler for gamers to pick and find out their desirable games with the surfing guide in the game center.

Recognizing the Exclusive Characters of Each Game in the Game Page

There’s more useful and detailed information added in the game present page. Players will notice the game features and summary of gameplaying as soon as they see the webpage. What’s more, the element named”MORE GAME”, ensures gamers have the opportunity to try other similar and related games on GameLoop.

Sharing Game Experience and Tips in the Comment Section

The extra set of the Comment Area enables players to obtain more manuals and hints for the gameplay. Thus, they’re more inclined to make game decisions faster and better.

Purchasing and Consuming New Games More Conveniently and Easier

One of the enormous updates is the collaboration with Google Play. Namely, the participant could discover gigantic games on GameLoop, syncing with matches on Google play. Additionally, the extra set of the buying system ensures gamers could consume a particular match without exit GameLoop.

GameLoop keeps insisting to update the gaming experience and provides more intriguing and popular games for gamers since its original launch. Until now, it is possible to play with the Enormous Kinds of games on GameLoop such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and much more.

Importantly, it’s declared that gamers can download the GameLoop 3.0 via a tap on the

Download” banner at the GameLoop site.

Download and click the new version today, experience a fantastic gaming journey on GameLoop!