Game for Peace (PUBG mobile china) is a smartphone survival game that storms in the gaming culture of the World. PUBG has been attracting participation with a beautiful graphical interface, impressive survival gameplay, a large number of interactive players, and many other elements of weapons, guns, and other attractive ammunitions. Of the players in the majority.

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile has been updated to 0.8.1 among the PUBG versions with the addition and update of many new features including maps, weapons, background sound, speed, etc. Experience fun craft entertainment. If you are interested in downloading and downloading the Game for Peace China game APK for Android, iOS, and computers, Windows PCs, laptops, please take some time to track the details in the article below!

Since seeing the possible success of this game ‘s concept continues to increase, other variations of cloning eventually, or close to the PUBG concept that is distributed on the Google Play Store. For that, in collaboration with Bluehole Studio as a PUBG game developer on PC, Tencent is China’s biggest game company. In early 2018, 2 PUBG Games were released for mobile users, specifically for servers in China.

There are also 2 versions of this Game for Peace (test) game, namely the Quantum and Timi versions. Both were developed under the auspices of Tencent as the publisher for the Chinese version, with different developers but still together. Starting with this article, the Chinese version of the Game for Peace game is still in the Open Beta stage, for now, so the game may still have a lot of bugs and instability. There could be a Global version of the release in the future, along with updates, so we’ll wait for the update later.

Although it’s only intended for Chinese players, players around the world, especially for Indonesian players, can play this PUBG Mobile game on the Emulator channel on the mobile or computer. In this article tips, I’ll share tips on how to play this game on your PC or laptop with PUBG Mobile China Version. Here let’s look further:

Note: downloading and playing version Chinese

You’ll receive an APK file if you’re using the Android operating system, you just need to install and play it. If you are using an iOS-enabled device, downloading the game will take you to the tune. You will of course need to log in to play this game.

Playing PUBG China allows you to pay attention to the features of QQ and Wechat accounts. According to the manufacturer, the account will lock itself for a period not logged into the game. If you want to keep an account, you’ll need to log in to the game regularly.

A new feature on GFF

Besides, you can play the game earlier than other versions and upgrade the game. PUBG has some interesting points in this domestic version too:

The speed of data transfer is better than that of other versions. That is the greatest advantage of this version of PUBG. Because the server in the Chinese version supports both International and domestic.

Additionally, the Game for Peace game battle royale already supports setting 60 FPS (Frame Rate Per Second), a high frame rate is really needed for this type of shooting game, so the gameplay is felt to be responsive.

But to be able to get high frame rates, PC Desktop or Laptop that you have must be ready in terms of specifications, for instance, 4 Core 4 GB RAM processor and don’t forget the hard drive must also be fast, which is a minimum speed of 7200RPM. But if you’re not qualified you should at least try.

There is an emulator version of Tencent

Not only the Smartphone edition but players can now access experience Game for Peace Chinese emulator. At this time, players on the phone can also use the emulation tools to enjoy this fascinating shooter.

This one emulator you know for sure …. Similar to a Tencent gaming buddy app, now commonly used to play web PUBG on its simulator. But since it continues to develop version to its emulator version, it can now play different types of other android games. But this is the Chinese edition, available to foreign players, so the display’s main language is the Chinese language, but there are several games that can be translated into English.

1. How to Unlock 60 FPS

This method does not need to use another application, because PUBG Mobile already supports 60 FPS

  1. Open the Game for Peace china emulator, on the main emulator menu click on the three-line icon, then select Settings.
  2. On the Settings menu, select Engine, then here change the  Processor to 4 Cores, and Memory (RAM)  to 2GB, the rest are free to set as you wish, click Save.

Log in with your WeChat account

Translation of menus and options from PUBG version China



What is Game for Peace Tencent

Game for Peace (GFP) is a third-person shooter, Battle Royale, where each player is left to fend for himself. Parachuting on an island emptied of its inhabitants but not of its infrastructure, you will have to eliminate the other 99 participants by collecting the weapons and vehicles that populate the site, hiding, trapping, and looking for the slightest change.

Game For Peace was developed by Unreal Engine 4 – one of today’s most modern game engines to bring true pictures of the battlefield with ballistic weapons, vehicles … one hundred players on one Battlefield is Game For Peace’s key point.