PUBG Mobile China Update Version With OBB Data file

Game for Peace (also known as PUBG Mobile China ) is one of two official titles based on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS launched for the Asian market. This version, unlike PUBG Army Attack, is much closer to the original game by Bluehole Studio.

The game drops you into a battle royale in which 100 real players face off in a closed environment until just one is left standing. To win, you have to wander around the island while collecting equipment that spawns in the play zone, which grows smaller and smaller to force players closer to one another.

Pretty much all of the elements of the original game are present. Controls are similar but have been adapted to touch screens, and the interactive objects and elements of the game are the same. You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, and loot the corpses of your victims.

Game for Peace is a fantastic version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS that adapts the title to the Android experience. In this case, that means daily quests and special events to incentivize daily play by offering rewards.
game for peace

game for peace

PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version has a new name: Game For Peace

If you often get lost in the multiple PUBG Mobile versions that have been launched worldwide, don’t you worry, you’re definitely not alone. It seems like Tencent has taken notice and decided to help you out because they’ve changed the name of the Chinese PUBG version. Game For Peace is the new version of the very popular game PUBG Mobile Battlefield. This modification is actually really unique and includes some new playability features.  
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The new Sanhok map comes to PUBG Mobile for Android

The 0.8 update of PUBG Mobile is finally here, with its biggest lure being a new map, which reached the PC version at the end of June. This time, the update is going to take place practically simultaneously on both the international and the Asian (Exhilarating Battlefield) version, with it already available for download for the latter.

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There is an emulator version of Tencent

Not only the Smartphone edition but players can now access the experienced Game for Peace Chinese emulator. At this time, players on the phone can also use the emulation tools to enjoy this fascinating shooter.

This one emulator you know for sure …. Similar to a Tencent gaming buddy app, now commonly used to play web PUBG on its simulator. But since it continues to develop version to its emulator version, it can now play different types of other android games. But this is the Chinese edition, available to foreign players, so the display’s main language is the Chinese language, but there are several games that can be translated into English.

1. How to Unlock 60 FPS

This method does not need to use another application, because PUBG Mobile already supports 60 FPS

  1. Open the Game for Peace china emulator, on the main emulator menu click on the three-line icon, then select Settings.
  2. On the Settings menu, select Engine, then here change the  Processor to 4 Cores, and Memory (RAM)  to 2GB, the rest are free to set as you wish, click Save.

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Translation of menus and options from PUBG version China

What is Game for Peace Tencent

Game for Peace (GFP) is a third-person shooter, Battle Royale, where each player is left to fend for himself. Parachuting on an island emptied of its inhabitants but not of its infrastructure, you will have to eliminate the other 99 participants by collecting the weapons and vehicles that populate the site, hiding, trapping, and looking for the slightest change.

Game For Peace was developed by Unreal Engine 4 – one of today’s most modern game engines to bring true pictures of the battlefield with ballistic weapons, vehicles … one hundred players on one Battlefield is Game For Peace’s key point.

Game For Peace New Update Patch Note 2021

We hope everyone will work together to maintain the community environment.

Mute will be implemented in the following situations:
1. Publish advertisements, gambling, pornography, and other illegal information in the community. Once discovered, banned for 7 days

2. Discuss and promote other games in the peace elite community. The moderator will leave a message to warn and delete the post, and again violate the rules and ban for 3 days

3. Insulting, defaming the official, the moderator will leave a warning and delete the post, and again violate the regulations for 3 days

What’s new

The island map is newly upgraded to island 2.0
1) Brand new screen performance: the
sky, ground surface, seawater, vegetation, etc. are fully updated, and the screen is more realistic and delicate;
2) Building adjustment:
The structure of some buildings has been adjusted;
3) Large resources Point adjustments:
① Nuclear power plant area: reworked nuclear power plant area, updated building structure layout, more intensive resources, more changeable battles;
② Mine area: optimized terrain structure, adjusted building layout, added 7 large warehouses, increased parachuting Point, jungle selection +1;
③ Prison area: adjust the terrain structure, add more surrounding walls, adjust the layout of some buildings, so that there are new options for the gun;
④ Other field resource adjustments: add several field resource points;
4 ) New map elements:
new trenches, horse rejections, abandoned tanks, and engineering bunkers are added to enhance the atmosphere of island warfare, while also enriching the field tactical options;
5) Building structure changes:
adjust the structure of some urban areas to optimize the offensive and defensive experience. Some buildings have added basements, and you need to use weapons to smash the wooden doors to enter;
more upgrade details and a new battle experience are waiting for the special forces to discover and dig! I look forward to seeing you in the “old place” on the new island!
New ultra-high image quality option
1) Only open for some high-end models. After the operation is stable, it will be opened according to the performance of the model; the
Dragon Boat Festival limited-time activity game The
Dragon Boat Dragon Boat game
1) During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can take the air cushion dragon boat. Driving on waters and land, while participating in the dragon boat drumming game to accumulate energy, you can also use jet acceleration skills on the dragon boat;
2) Find the dragon boat with your friends, and you can also participate in the competition at a specific location on the map;
Note: This mode will be available later, specifically Please pay attention to the official announcement for time, so stay tuned;
Creative workshop limited-time gameplay
1) Firepower showdown-reloading:
Firepower showdown, brand new upgrade! The vehicles are fully armed, and various armed vehicles and armed helicopters are newly added to experience exciting fire fighting.
Compete for military strongholds and super weapon boxes, and experience all kinds of heavy firepower weapons and new powerful props. You can also use the advanced communication tower to recall the eliminated teammates multiple times. Brand-new gameplay, double the excitement;
2) Newly armed vehicles:
armed UAZ jeep, armed Dacia car, armed Buggy off-road vehicle, armed pickup;
3) New heavy fire weapon:
AT4-A laser tracking missile, M202 quadruple rocket launcher;
4) New props:
UAV control terminal, individual radar, explosion-proof clothing;
Remarks: Firepower duel mode will not be counted as qualifying score, this mode will be available later, please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time, so stay tuned;
Classic mode-version balance adjustment
1) Thompson submachine gun:
a slight increase in the rate of fire the firearm; new sight rails, can be installed red dot sight, holographic sight;
2) UMP45 submachine:
slight increase in damage firearm, gun firing rate, flight speed bullet;
3) DBS shotgun:
no longer falling from the airdrop box, adjusted to refresh output on the ground;
4) Swimming balance adjustment:
speed up swimming and diving, increase the speed of underwater breathing, and increase the longest diving time;
new functions And optimize the
classic mode-battle experience optimization
1) Newly added vehicle operation layout customization function, players can customize the vehicle operation layout in the setting system to obtain the most suitable vehicle control feeling;
2) Newly added Carrying precise seat change function:
Long press the seat change button, you can switch to a different seat accurately. Please turn on this function in the vehicle operation setting interface;
3) New training field sensitivity adjustment function: sensitivity
can be adjusted in the training field in real time, with quick adjustment and intelligence Two ways to adjust;
4) New sensitivity sharing function:
you can share your sensitivity with other players through the sharing code (different device resolutions will cause inconsistencies in sensitivity usage, please use it with caution);
5) Add map route markers Function:
Mark multiple points on the map interface to form a squad route to better deploy the squad strategy;
6) After the elimination, the camera will be blurred and darkened to optimize the effect;
7) The sound visualization system optimization:
throwing objects and other explosions The sound will be represented by a dedicated explosion icon to distinguish it from the gun sound icon;
8) Chat panel optimization: When
opening the chat panel, the latest chat information will be displayed by default;
9) Optimize the ringing rhythm of the signal area of ​​the snow map ;
10) gyroscope optimization function:
when the missiles to be thrown, a gyroscope may be used for targeting;
the use of the bandage, the push-up 11) get down state after triggering rocker sprint bandages may be automatically interrupted;
12) follow parachute Followers can rotate their free-view camera by sliding the right half of the screen;
team competition-experience optimization
1) Added the function of unlocking and returning coupons for
group competitions : ① Adding unlocking with coupons in the group competition gun configuration interface Function, when the firearm does not meet the unlocking level or the team competition military points are not enough, the firearm can be unlocked immediately by consuming the points;
② For the firearms unlocked by the point coupon, when the firearm unlocking level requirements are met, the team competition military points can be used to return the unlocking full time spent coupons;
2) groups competing arms default configuration R1895 pistol muffler removed;
3) Change the display of the recruitment message and invitation team message pop-up box of the world chat channel from “Creative Workshop” to “Team Competitive”;
Entertainment mode-adjustment of opening hours
1) All gameplay in entertainment mode is adjusted to be open for a limited time, The details are as follows:
① Airborne and Hawkeye special training is open all day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday;
② Speed ​​showdown, field action, and extreme sports are open all day every Tuesday and Thursday;
warehouse experience optimization
1) Quick dressing optimization:
click Any quick card slot frame, you can open the dressing selection panel, and directly select the suit or matching plan you switch to use in battle;
2) New matching operation function:
warehouse matching tab, select any matching plan to display the “Edit” button . Click to enter the editing scene, which can be more convenient for the operation and storage of this program;
3) New collection functions:
for fashion, gun skins, helmet backpack skins, vehicle skins, parachutes and flight suits, available in the lower left corner of the warehouse Click the “Love” button on the appearance name to collect it, and the favorite appearance will also be displayed first in the sorting list;
optimization of spectator
1) At the switch setting of “spectator”, the player can set the value, only “player versus friend” When the intimacy of ”is higher than the set value, friends can watch the player; the
intimacy description:
① Intimacy is a one-way value, that is, you have two different intimacy to your friends and your friends to you;
② Your intimacy to friends The degree will only increase according to your active behavior, for example, collecting gold coins from friends, teaming up with friends, giving friends gifts, etc.; to
optimize the team experience
1) When the team leader clicks the start game button, the team members will hear the same Click on the sound effect;
optimize the invitation team interface
1) Expand the size of the invitation team interface, so that more friends are displayed, and reduce misoperations when switching tabs;
2) Platform friend display source optimization, will no longer display the source of platform friends;
team lobby optimization
1) The entrance of the team lobby is moved to the main interface of the lobby, which is located under the friend invitation team, which is more convenient to use;
2) The team lobby rank The display during screening is adjusted to the reverse order; the
research institute optimizes
1) Increase the display of material coins;
2) Increase the purchase currency and corresponding unit price of the upgraded materials;
optimize the
ranking of the top 10,000 personal rankings in the region, and the level is >=40 In the future, we will continue to optimize the conditions for listing;
season manual optimization
1) The weekly challenge task of the season manual adds the function of tracking and display in battle:
① The player can select the most in the season manual-challenge-weekly challenge task list 5 tasks are tracked;
② Open the map interface in the battle and expand the task tracking list on the left to view the tracked tasks and all weekly tasks. You can also change the tasks that need to be tracked in the list;
resource download special
1) Optimize the update experience, Reduce the size of the installation package and reduce the resources that need to be downloaded before entering the game.
When your device is in a wifi network state and is not in a game state in the game, it will slowly download resources that were not completed during the update.
And it stops automatically when entering the game, which will not affect the game experience. Of course, you can also select the network state that triggers automatic download in the “Settings-Resource Download Interface”;
performance optimization special
1) Optimized the animation playback logic of the character in combat;
2) Optimized the playback logic of the character skill animation;
3 ) Deleted a large number of redundant character components;
4) Optimized the resource recovery logic when the map is unloaded;
5) Optimized the physical loading logic of vehicles and airdrops floating on the water;
6) Optimized the problem that the character occasionally rides outside the vehicle;
7) Optimized the animation update logic when the character rides on the vehicle;
8) Optimized the pickup and discard logic of firearms, accessories and other items;
9) Optimized other existing Known minor performance issues, various performance issues that will be continuously discovered and repaired in subsequent update versions;
security optimization special
1) For known security issues, upgrade security system components and add several effective security strategies;
2) Optimize the cheating verification strategy of the game server on the speed of parachuting;
3) Optimize the cheating verification strategy of the game server on the speed of the vehicle;
4) Optimize the cheating verification strategy of the game server on the character speed;
5) Optimize the video inspection system: new Damage display;
6) Video inspection system optimization: Optimize the recording effect of special operations and other gameplay, covering more special operations mode inspections;
7) Malicious damage to teammates function optimization: remove unmanned vehicle impact damage to players;
wonderful Video optimization project
1) Wonderful video interface display optimization:
increase the prompt time of the settlement interface and optimize the display effect;
2) Creative editing function:
provide multiple cool video templates, players can add cool special effects to wonderful videos with one click. This feature is in During the trial operation phase, different models will be gradually opened;
3) The wonderful videos uploaded can be stored in the cloud, and the same account can be watched and shared on different terminals;