An official chinese version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

Game for Peace (also known as PUBG Mobile China ) is one of two official titles based on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS launched for the Asian market. This version, unlike PUBG Army Attack, is much closer to the original game by Bluehole Studio.

The game drops you into a battle royale in which 100 real players face off in a closed environment until just one is left standing. To win, you have to wander around the island while collecting equipment that spawns in the play zone, which grows smaller and smaller to force players closer to one another.

Pretty much all of the elements of the original game are present. Controls are similar but have been adapted to touch screens, and the interactive objects and elements of the game are the same. You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, and loot the corpses of your victims.

Game for Peace is a fantastic version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS that adapts the title to the Android experience. In this case, that means daily quests and special events to incentivize daily play by offering rewards.
game for peace

game for peace

PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version has a new name: Game For Peace

If you often get lost in the multiple PUBG Mobile versions that have been launched worldwide, don’t you worry, you’re definitely not alone. It seems like Tencent has taken notice and decided to help you out because they’ve changed the name of the Chinese PUBG version. Game For Peace is the new version of the very popular game PUBG Mobile Battlefield. This modification is actually really unique and includes some new playability features.  
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The new Sanhok map comes to PUBG Mobile for Android

The 0.8 update of PUBG Mobile is finally here, with its biggest lure being a new map, which reached the PC version at the end of June. This time, the update is going to take place practically simultaneously on both the international and the Asian (Exhilarating Battlefield) version, with it already available for download for the latter.

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There is an emulator version of Tencent

Not only the Smartphone edition but players can now access the experienced Game for Peace Chinese emulator. At this time, players on the phone can also use the emulation tools to enjoy this fascinating shooter.

This one emulator you know for sure …. Similar to a Tencent gaming buddy app, now commonly used to play web PUBG on its simulator. But since it continues to develop version to its emulator version, it can now play different types of other android games. But this is the Chinese edition, available to foreign players, so the display’s main language is the Chinese language, but there are several games that can be translated into English.

1. How to Unlock 60 FPS

This method does not need to use another application, because PUBG Mobile already supports 60 FPS

  1. Open the Game for Peace china emulator, on the main emulator menu click on the three-line icon, then select Settings.
  2. On the Settings menu, select Engine, then here change the  Processor to 4 Cores, and Memory (RAM)  to 2GB, the rest are free to set as you wish, click Save.

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Translation of menus and options from PUBG version China

What is Game for Peace Tencent

Game for Peace (GFP) is a third-person shooter, Battle Royale, where each player is left to fend for himself. Parachuting on an island emptied of its inhabitants but not of its infrastructure, you will have to eliminate the other 99 participants by collecting the weapons and vehicles that populate the site, hiding, trapping, and looking for the slightest change.

Game For Peace was developed by Unreal Engine 4 – one of today’s most modern game engines to bring true pictures of the battlefield with ballistic weapons, vehicles … one hundred players on one Battlefield is Game For Peace’s key point.