Behold! A fresh and tantalizing collection of Free Fire leaks has recently emerged, divulging all the Pop-Pow-themed trinkets that are anticipated to grace the battle royale title. These juicy tidbits of information have been delivered by KnightClown and Pureleaks, esteemed sources within the game’s community, that have proven themselves to be trustworthy bearers of reliable leaks, heralding future events and items within the battle royale title.

Assuming the leaks hold water, a plethora of novel and themed cosmetics will be at the players’ fingertips. Among the bounty of items are a banner, a pin, a backpack, a loot box, a Gloo Wall, and a wealth of other items that could potentially find their way into the game.

New Free Fire Pop-Pow items are leaked online

KnightClown and Pureleaks recently posted a video clip on Instagram showcasing the forthcoming Pop-Pow items that are set to be introduced in Free Fire. The cosmetics that were exhibited in the clip are as follows:

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  • Pop-Pow Pin
  • Pop-Pow Avatar
  • Pop-Pow Banner
  • Pop-Pow Backpack
  • Pop-Pow Loot Box
  • Pop-Pow Sickle
  • Gloo Wall – PopPow
  • Pet Skin: Party Arvon

Besides sharing a visual glimpse of the items, the data miners have not provided the details of their release or how players can acquire them once they become available.

Furthermore, pray tell, no specifics concerning the servers whereon it shall be accessible hath been imparted unto us. Moreover, by reason of their exceeding scarcity, many of these items art anticipated to be granted to players free of charge.

Shouldst thou wish to behold the wondrous appearance of these veritable treasures, gaze upon the attached video in the aforementioned post. Yet, heed my words, for these items are art leaks, and therefore, players ought to take them with a modicum of skepticism, for the all-powerful Garena may or may not incorporate them into all the servers of the exalted battle royale title.

Upcoming event in Free Fire MAX

Chroma Futura event to start from February 24, 2023 (Image via Garena)

Following the conclusion of Mission: Makeover on the Indian server of Free Fire MAX, Garena is set to launch Chroma Futura. To stoke the fires of anticipation, the developers have introduced a brand-new Daily Mission, which offers a plethora of rewards entirely free of charge.

  • Travel 3000 meters – Airdrop Aid
  • Travel 20 minutes – Bounty Token
  • Eliminate five enemies – Bonfire
  • Deal 2000 damage – Scan

The much-awaited main event is slated to kick off on February 24, 2023, on the server. In the lead-up to the event, posters for many of the activities have already surfaced online. By completing these activities, users will have the opportunity to snag an assortment of freebies, with a dazzling outfit serving as the grand prize.

The new Chroma Futura campaign will be available on the Indian server until early March 2023, so make sure to jump in and reap the rewards while you can!

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