Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) is the best emulator to play mobile games on PC which requires a lot of resources. However, if you are experiencing lag in your game when running Tencent’s eu3podium or PUBG Mobile then here’s how to fix that!

The reason behind developing Gameloop was mainly due to its compatibility with playing Pubg at all times because it can be considered as one-of-a-kind within this niche market where other emulators may not work properly depending upon what hardware they have been made for without an upcharge fee like Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode does even though FreeTime Unlimited subscribers don’t need any extra charges whatsoever since every feature in there.

Tencent Gaming Buddy was designed to work with low-end PCs, so you can play games without any lag. Not only does it have a lot of features and options for players who want more control over their experience in-game but also takes up less space on your computer than other emulators do!

The Tencent Gaming buddy will let me enjoy playing my favorite mobile or PC video games as if they were being played locally against another human opponent instead of just sitting at home alone wishing there was someone else out there gamely interacting alongside them while waiting patiently until the monsters under desks finally.

How to Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) – PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

Here are the best methods for fixing Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) also known as PUBG Emulator Lag. Just apply each of these and play in an emulator to see your performance boost!

  1. Set your Power Plan mode to High-Performance Mode
  2. Increase the Pagination Size of your system
  3. Change the Priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task Manager
  4. In-Game Settings to fix lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy
  5. Change Tencent Gaming Emulator Settings
  6. Update your Outdated Drivers to Latest Version
  7. Install Gaming Performance Booster Software
  8. Clear Unwanted Temporary files from your system
  9. Use Turbo Engine Mode To play the games
  10. Enable Virtualization Mode in your system
  11. Change your Graphics Power Mode to High Performance
  12. Adjust the Visual Effects to the High-Performance tab
  13. Install Latest Version of Tencent Gaming Buddy

1. Set your Power Plan Mode to High-Performance Mode

A computer is designed in such a way to provide the best battery life by reducing performance. You can change options so you have more resources for your system and game, which will run smoothly even if it’s being used intensively or not!

To enable the High-Performance mode, follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to your Control Panel in your device
  2. Search Power Option in the search box
  3. Click on the Power Option and select your plan mode to High Performance
  4. If you have a laptop, then you can simply click on the battery option in the taskbar and change the mode to maximum performance
  5. You had successfully set the power plan to High-Performance

2. Increase the Pagination size for your system

You need to ensure that you have enough memory for the system. The allocated space is always less, so it’s important not to exceed more than your RAM size and be mindful of 40% as well.

To increase the size of the Pagination files, follow the below instructions:-

  1. Right-click on the My Computer icon and click on Properties
  2. Click on Advanced System Settings located at the left sidebar
  3. Head to the Advanced Tab
  4. In the Performance tab, click on the Settings
  5. Head to the Advanced tab next to the Visual effect section
  6. In the Virtual memory section, click on Change
  7. Deselect the Automatically allocated virtual memory option
  8. Then click on the Custom Size and enter the virtual size for your pagination files
  9. Set Initial size and Maximum SIze to the same
  10. Take care to enter the size in MB (1 GB = 1024 MB)
  11. Now, restart your PC and check again if the size is allocated or not

All done. You had easily increased the pagination size which will help to fix lag in Tencent gaming buddy.

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