Pubg New STAT has more lag issues than any PUBG game Version I know. So to help my fellow pubg 2 gamers fix their lag issues here is the ultimate guide to Fix the lag In Pubg Mobile NEW STATE.

There are three main parts to the ultimate guide. The First section deals with mobile device settings to fix the lag in pubg new state. Second section deals with PUBG New State Graphics settings. The Third Section deals with PUBG State ping issues.

20 Easy Settings To Fix Lag in PUBG NEW STATE

Device Settings to fix lag
1) Free device storage
2) Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
3) Enable 4xMSAA and change animation scales to 0.5
4) Use Game Booster
5) Clear Cache
6) Disable Apps running in the background
7) Disable Battery Optimization
8) Enable overclock mode and MIUI optimization for Mi Users
9) Turn Off unnecessary Services
10) Install Pubg Mobile 2 On Internal Memory Not SDCARD

Pubg NEW STATE BETA Game settings to fix the lag issue

11) Use the GFX Tool or BAGT Tool
12) Use the right graphics settings
13) Repair and Reinstall PUBG Mobile.
14) Disable Mic when not required
15) Choose the right server

Pubg NEW STATE Ping Issue Fix

16) Use wifi for playing the game. And enable the aeroplane mode.
17) Use a good ISP
18) Use Pinger latest version
19) Toggle Airplane mode on/off to refresh the network
20) Use a Free Gaming VPN

Section 1: Mobile Device Basic Settings

Tip 1: Free Storage space by deleting unnecessary data.
In order for you to play the game without lag, you need plenty of storage space. Big games like pubg New state generate and delete files in the background when the game is running. If you have low storage space the process of writing and deleting data is slow. So always make sure you at least have 5GB of free storage space.

Tip 2: Uninstall unnecessary apps.

The android devices we use are not optimized when it comes to gaming. If you have lots of apps. You will have services of those apps running in the background and giving you notifications

The sudden amazon notification you get is also because amazon is running in the background. So in order to stop this uninstall all the apps that you do not use. It will make more gaming resources available for the phone.

The more RAM and CPU you have for gaming the faster it will run. Especially for devices with low specs.

Tip 3: Enable 4xMSAA and change animation scales to 0.5

There are some developer settings that really have a good impact on FPS when playing PUBG NEW STATE. By using these settings we can fix the lag in pubg 2. These settings include enabling 4xMSAA. MSAA stands for Multisample anti-aliasing. It can help smoothen textures and fix lag on some devices.

Do note: 4xMSAA does not fix lag on all devices. It is recommended that you test it on your device. I recommend using an FPS counter for the test.

To enable developer option and to enable the settings to fix lag follow these steps:

Step 1:Go to your android device settings.
Step 2: Click on “About Phone” in your phone settings.
Step 3: Click on “Built Version” 10 times to enable developer options.
Step 4: Your developer option should now be visible in your android device settings.
Step 5: In case if you do not find it, search the option in your settings. You can take google’s help for your specific device if needed.
Step 6: Enable the “Developer Options” on your android device.
Step 7: Scroll down to find the following options in the list of settings
Step 8: Enable Force 4x MSAA setting in the developer option.
Step 9: Set Window Animation Scale to 0.5x
Step 10: Set Animation Duration Scale to 0.5 x
Step 11: Set Transition animation scale to 0.5x
Step 12: Disable HW overlays
Step 13: Restart your phone
With this, your mobile will be faster than before and will render games faster. This will ensure that your pubg NEW State Update game does not lag while playing.

Tip 4: Game Booster

Both gaming phones and new phones have begun shipping by default in the game mode. Set the game mode to the highest degree of output so that your phone can have the best gaming experience. This mode, unfortunately, is not available for all phones. However, for those devices which use it, you must repair the deficit in pubg new state to achieve the performance boost.

The easiest way to use this program — called gaming mode — is for those who do not have a game mode. It is proposed by XDA and works very well.

Tip 5: Uninstall application Cache and cache system

You will store data on your phone > Android > database on each program that you install. Although after uninstalling the app, this data can stay and can help delete the unnecessary application data before uninstalling any program. The same applies to the memory cache.

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