It is a fact that our young generation has three things with them. They have a lot of free time. They have not much fortune. They search for their mates online. Keeping in view these qualities of our online community, they want three features in apps they download. The app should help you in saving and earning money. It helps them in finding their friends. It takes them far away from the harsh realities of our world for some time. Hago has all three features. You may play games here. You can use it as a social networking website. Here you have friends and chat features which allow you to search for your mate. You may earn mobile recharge, mobile phone, and even motorbikes.

Salient features of Hago

You may play games, have social networking. You may make friends in your local area and have voice interaction with them. You earn through treasure hunts and casual games. In chat rooms, you may find people you want to get connected. Hago is all for your pleasure. It has all for your social needs. Here are some essential features of Hago.

Casual Games

Games have charm and excitement. Everyone loves to play games for fun. Here on Hago, you need not be an expert or seasoned gamer. Here are simple games for newbies. You may start playing ludo and other easy-going match and start your journey. When you feel that you have become an expert gamer, you may begin playing Werewolf. This game includes seven players, and your entire group members may play. Here are game invites but you can play your previous match until you get another game invite. Step by step, Hago moves you across more engagements.

More discoveries

Usually, people feel boredom while playing a single game in an app. They have to leave in due course of time. In Hago, you have no such problem. Here are newer and newer games for you to play. You get deeper and deeper in gaming and improve your gaming skills. You cannot separate from the Hago. Here are hundreds of options to select for your gaming habit. You discover new things in every step of your expertise.

How to use Gameloop to run Hago

If you want to run Hago on your computer by using Tencent emulator, you should install it; first, you need to download Game loop emulator , and after it, you have to install it on your computer.

After investing tencent gaming buddy in your system, you need to download Hago APK file. When you double click on open, it will open in Gamelop which you have installed earlier. A pop up will appear for confirmation. You need to confirm it to proceed further. After the installation process is complete, Hago will be available on Emulator. Open it and enjoy playing games and chatting with your friends.

If you want to enjoy your favorite gaming app on your pc, you may do so by using Nox App Player. You have to download and install it on your computer. After it, download Hago APK file. Open Nox App Player and click on add an apk. When you double click open, it will run-through Nox. So you play games and spend your extra time with Hago on your PC. You need to confirm by clicking on I know and complete the process.

Running Hago on android phones


The proper way of running your favorite gaming app is an android mobile phone. Though it is not available on Play Store, you may download and install it. It is a trusted app, and you may run it.
There are some systems requirements that you need to check before downloading Hago.

  • Check your android version. It should be a minimum of 4.1 or above.
  • The RAM of your system should be minimum 1GB.
  • Your mobile should have 150 MB of free space for the Hago app to run.
  • Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device download setting.

After you have checked all requirement as mentioned earlier, you may proceed to download an APK file and install it on your mobile phone.

For IOS and iPhone


As we have discussed installing Hago on your PC and android phone via emulators, there is no official Hago app on the application store. Though you may jailbreak and force install Hago, it is not recommended. In due course of time, there may be official Hago app on App store, for which you need to wait. You may search for alternatives of Hago for your iPhone till it is available officially.

Hago alternatives

Here are some alternatives for Hago. You may download these apps if you cannot run the Hago on your operating system.

  • Hot star
    You may stream content through this app. Here you watch live videos and play different games.
  • IMVU
    It is also a social networking and gaming app which is widely used across the globe. You may experience the 3D world here and a customized chat with thousands of people.
  • MovieStar
    It is an app specifically for teens who want social networking and dating. You may create movies and photos here and share them with your social circle.

Availability on other operating systems
As it has been stated earlier, you can download Hago on android devices, and for your PC you may use emulators. You may download Hago on other operating systems.

How to Download Hago on Chromecast?


You may download Hago on Chromecast by installing a Chromcast app from Google Play Store. You need to connect chrome cast with TV. In setting enable downloads from unknown sources and start downloading APK file. Now download Hago and follow the instructions to install Hago. Get the supported version of Hago and install it. After installation, you will get chrome cast option on the menu. Now you may start playing games and chatting with your likeminded people.

How to get paid on Hago?
There are a lot of incentives and earning opportunities for Hago. Here you make by playing games. You may get coins and in contests win gifts. Here are cash backs through your engagements. There are different types of discounts and earning over tons. You are rewarded for your victory, and you get paid for your hunt. Here are rewards smaller and more significant. You go through treasure hunt and win different prizes.


  • What is Hago?
    Hago is a gaming and social networking app. You may play games on the go and chat with your friends in chat rooms. Here are earning opportunities for game lovers also.
  • Who Started Hago?
    Though Hago is popular in South Asia, especially in India, it was created by Neotask, an IT company based in China. The company is a subsidiary of a famous video streaming company, YY. These days it is widespread throughout the world.
  • Is Hago free to use?
    Yes, Hago is free to download and install. No charges are imposed for its usage. Further, you may earn recharge and other rewards by winning different casual games. Everything is free on Hago.
  • Is Voice Chat available in Hago?
    Surely, you have a voice chat feature in Hago. You have a voice chat with your love ones; you may have fun and play games. You may also sing songs there. Here is everything you want for live fun.
  • How is Hago different from other gaming apps?
    Hago has some distinct features which make it different from other apps. It is gaming as well as networking app. Here you also earn through various games. No separate app has such features that bring different things in one app.
  • Is Hago a dating app?
    Hago has multiple functions. It is a social app which brings different people together. In this sense, it may be called a dating app. But it has some other features too.
    In short, Hago is the need of modern era. It has features that our young boys and girls may like.
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