The Cyberpunk 2077 mobile game is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City. The megalopolis of power and glamor obsessed with body modification you play as V who goes after the rare implant that will make him live forever!

Cyberpunk 2077 APK Mobile is one of the most ambitious games coming out this year, and with good reason. The game has been delayed for three long stretches already before finally releasing on December 9th; it’s going to be incredible when we get our hands (and brains) onto its intricately designed world that will feel unlike any other!

It is the year 2077, the end of the century is near, the great alliances of the world are in a great cold war with each other, while neon lights flash around the borders city under the thick fog, but the people of the city are still unaware of the situation. This city is one that lives outside the law, and is far from all countries, and has gradually become a battleground for all camps. The conflict between advanced technology and decadent civilizations has become irreversible, and Cyberpunk has finally opened its curtains after long nights.

It was around this time on one of the street corners in a little humble detective agency, a sharp and keen detective sensed a change in the air, he quickly needed to round up a team to go and search out the hidden scheme that was in the making…

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👍Idle system
Idle gameplay with high immersion, set your heroes training while you’re away, relaxing and laid back.
👍Cyber Sensation
Well-developed maps, futuristic streets, and dazzling night scenes, making a great science fiction feeling.
👍Elite BOSS
Decline robot repeated battles, every BOSS was innovated for creating a top game experience.
👍Hero Skills Tree
Heroes will never be the same, newly innovated gameplay, more custom-making features, allowing you to make a unique formation.
👍Ample Challenge Mode
Main Maps, Arena PK, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure, and much more to keep you excited!

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