Chess Rush is a popular turn-based strategy battle game that players can experience the creative Turbo Mode with 10 minutes of battle, 2v2 Co-op Mode, Squad Clash Mode with 4 players participating. As the official game of Tencent, the main advantage of Chess Rush is easy to operate and play, since the mode is much simpler in a short-term battle.

This sub-genre, just like DOTA itself, was created as ‘mods’ of a larger game. You get to face other online players during a number of very peculiar battles.




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In order to generate an appropriate and appropriate strategy for the player themselves, GameLoop provides a stable and advanced engine to ensure that the strategy is developed faster and more conveniently with the support of the keyboard and mouse. You could also have an overall view of more than 50 different heroes with multiple gameplay modes.

For Windows PC, the combat system in Chess Rush is much simpler than at first glance it might seem. The combats are divided into two phases: you get to use your money in the first phase to buy new armies and place them over the battlefield. But you get to witness the battle during the second phase. Depending on the result (which lasts a few seconds), you will earn more or less of the coins you can use to buy new troops or upgrade those you already have. The player at the end of the rounds who has the most points wins.

Chess Rush for Desktop includes more than 50 different heroes, each one of them includes their own features and special skills, which you’ll have to master. A lot of your troops’ skills let you create synergies with your heroes, so learning how to combine them becomes essential if you want to win the most challenging battles. Another important aspect is that if you can get three of the same type of hero, you can fuse them to create a more powerful unit.

Chess Rush is an excellent variant of auto chess for Android, which stands out visually and the huge amount of heroes available. We’re talking about an outstanding game, that’s up to par with the rest of the Tencent games. You can enjoy thrilling 10 to 15-minute rounds.

As already mentioned, we will use a PUBG emulator on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac PC to download and install Chess Rush. The Bluestack app player is the most popular of all available emulsions. It has a super-simple GUI advantage and amazing performance over other emulators.

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