All the leaks that have surfaced about New season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile.

Activision has recorded that each important Mobile Call of Duty update releasing fresh and exciting content. The new class – spotter, a cargo lorry, and many more – has been introduced in the second stage of COD Mobil. The content introduced in season 2, while the community is still relaxed, Call of Duty Mobile 3 leaks have already begun to appear.

We will shed light on the content rumored to be in the COD Mobile Season 3 in this article.

COD Mobile Season 3 Leaks

The date of release for COD Mobile Season 3 is not officially notified. But in the last week of April, season 2 is expected to end. It is therefore safe to expect the release of COD Mobile Season 3 in April.

New CODM Multiplayer maps



If you are told, “Dome,” a Multiplayer Map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, will be available at COD Mobile Season 3. The Cold War era in the COD Lore is an abandoned NATO military outpost. In addition, the map is designed to be used explicitly for fourth fighting.


In the next season, a new multi-player map may be present, according to leaks in the COD Mobile Season 3.

The Chinese version of COD Mobile will soon be available on the Monastery Map. So Activision could publish the same map in the global version of COD Mobile.

Seaside Map

This map is available in the Chinese version of COD Mobile already. In COD Black ops 4, Activision initially presented the Seaside map. And if you believe the rumors, this multiplayer map is expected to be viewed in COD Mobile Season 3.

Expected Weapon System Changes

The devs commented on a post on COD Mobile, which refers to the future changes in the weapons system. The post refers to a multiplayer-mode weapon balance and how some weapons are superior to others. In COD Mobile Season 3, significant weapons modifications and customization could occur.

So there you go, all of the leaks and rumors that surfaced online in COD Mobile Season 3. Once new information comes to light, we will update this post.

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