Are you looking for 770 UC BGMI UC Hacks? I’m sure that I will share some eye-opening tips and truths about BGMI Free UC, as well as my personal experience with how I obtained Free UC in BGMI.

You can also get a free BGMI Royale to pass if you get the Free UC from BGMI. Keep in mind that nothing is free. You have to earn it or pay for it.

The BGMI Game 99% is the same Game as PUBG Mobile. However, the average price of BGMI UC has increased to Rs89 for 60 UC packs. (New changes may occur).

UC Generators are available online. These generators are fake! They just ask for your ID/Email/Number, and then ask you to click on the button.

However, these tricks can be used to make money by tricking you into giving your email addresses and data.

5 Ways to BGMI UC Hack:

Just like PUBG Mobile UC Hacks there is no Spin wheel trick or Hacking script to give your Free UC. But you can get Free UC in BGMI with the following Hacks.

  1. Participate in UC Giveaway on YouTube
  2. Find out Refer and Earn Apps for Paytm withdrawal.
  3. Follow us using the bell Icon
  4. Play Bonus Challenge and Earn BGMI UC
  5. Follow Official social media accounts

1. Participate in UC Giveaway on YouTube – for BGMI Free UC:

BGMI, a brand new Game in India, was launched after a long ban on PUBG Mobile. There are many OLD Youtube Gamers who are eager to get their subscribers back. They will also launch UC/Royale Pass giveaways to get you signed up. I’m familiar with a YouTuber who has already announced 100 Royale Pass giveaways for BGMI players.

2. Find out Refer and Earn Apps for Paytm Withdrawal:

Many apps are released daily on the Play Store, some business apps, and some gaming apps.

These apps offer sign-up bonus points. Refer and earn the chance to find the best app.

PhonePe and Amazon Pay are my preferred payment method. On every recharge and bill payment, I receive Rs50-Rs200 cashback. This is how I started to make money.

3. Follow us using the bell Icon:

Follow us on the BGMI Blog using the Red bell Icon to ensure that you get the first chance at any giveaways or money tricks in the future.

Midasbuy is still available in India, according to my check. However, PUBG Mobile has been banned so we cannot buy any UC at the moment.

However, BGMI will be listed on Midasbuy and any other website. I will be updating this blog with offers as soon as possible. Follow us by clicking the bell icon.

4. Play Bonus Challenge and Earn BGMI UC:

Play BGMI Bonus Challenge, Win Free BGMI UC. This challenge is only once in a while and was launched in PUBG Mobile.

To participate in the Bonus Challenge, you must have Voucher Coupons. You will receive Bonus coinsBC which you can later convert into UC.

Conversion Rate: 100BC = ten UC

My friend is a great gamer. He collected about 10 Bonus Challenge Coupons. Then he played a few Bonus match matches and won 20,000 BC Coins. This is how he got 2000 UC.

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