BGMI is one of the most played battle royale games in India! It’s available on both Android and iOS devices, with over 50 million downloads already. Developers are continuously improving BGMI by launching updates that keep players interested- like their upcoming 1.6 updates which will introduce new features like game modes or weapons for Players to enjoy.

After a long wait, the BGMI 1.6 update will finally be launching this month! The new features that were announced in beta form last year are now live and players can download it on either Android or iOS devices to get their hands on all of them before anyone else does (the game launched 50 million downloads ago). What’s even better about these updates so far? They’re dynamic – meaning there’ll always be something cool happening at any given moment during gameplay thanks to continuous improvements made by developers who seem pretty keen too; don’t miss out when they release another big one next time around.

The Flora Menace Mode, a new game mode introduced with the BGMI 1.6 update will be available on Erangel/Sanhok and Livik for PS4 players to enjoy! It’s not just one of many features included in this latest update but instead offers an amazing opportunity to test your skills against computer-controlled adversaries as well as human opponents which can also compete across platforms via online multiplayer matches or LAN party settings – all set within lush natural environments like forests filled with tree branches scraping together above their heads while leaves rustle underneath foot creating noises that make you feel Watched

Krafton announced that the latest BGMI update, version 1.6 will be available for players from September 16th, 2021 on Android and iOS devices as soon it’s life in their respective stores!

Kraftons new update is coming this fall with many exciting features yet again including character customization options; increased levels of enchanting magic power plus special abilities like invisibility or quick healing at higher difficulties (tier).

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