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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG is a survival game or often known as battle royale game that was first released for PC in 2012. This game continues to grow until released for other devices, such as mobile, Xbox One and Playstation consoles. Currently, PUBG Mobile has been downloaded more than 100 million times only on the mobile version.


PUBG is also often used as a game to be competed professionally in various eSports events. Not only that, many game streamers make PUBG as one of the flagship games for streaming material. Battle royale games are indeed very exciting to play, especially if you play with friends when gathering together. However, there are times when you are uncomfortable with PUBG sensitivity that is not right for you.


Playing PUBG itself is quite challenging and requires speed and accuracy in order to survive until the end. Either because the movement is not fast or too slow. No need to worry, because you can set it yourself.


PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings
If you are confused which settings are right for you, here isthe guide to the PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings.


For this reason, camera sensitivity is an important element so that the player is comfortable controlling the weapon. PUBG itself provides 3 default settings, namely Low, Medium and High.
Low is suitable for you who want to control the direction of view and weapons to get stable precision, but your camera shift becomes much slower.
The Medium itself is balanced in its settings, while High tends to have a fast playing style and requires concentration to aim the opponent precisely.
If you experience difficulties or are uncomfortable with sensitivity settings, you can follow the following guidelines for the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings according to your gameplay needs. Because each player has his own playing style, I recommend that you set it to suit yourself by setting it and trying it Training mode.
How to Set Mobile PUBG Sensitivity
The sensitivity settings are in the general settings page. Precisely located in the Sensitivity column that is between Vehicle and Pick Up.
For those of you who don’t know how to access the sensitivity settings page, you can follow the steps below:
Step 1 – Open PUBG, then tap on settings
Settings are in the lower left corner of the screen as marked in red in the following screenshot.
Step 2 – Select Sensitivity
Camera Sensitivity (free look)
First is the camera sensitivity on the free look feature as a camera sensitivity setting to shift the direction of view without affecting the character’s point of view.
The greater you adjust the sensitivity, the faster you can shift the direction of view. This setting is needed so that you can see the surrounding enemies quickly or precisely according to the settings you choose.
This setting also regulates with a relatively faster but not annoying sensitivity.
Next is the sensitivity of the camera which will affect the direction of character as well as direction of the weapon. The greater sensitivity you set in this setting, the faster the movement of your character and weapon aim.
This setting affects the speed of using without or using a scope. In my opinion, you set the sensitivity to the no scope in the range of 90 to 100%. However, you who don’t like to move quickly can set it inthe range of 60 to 90%.
Just like sensitivity when using scope, the higher the sensitivity, the faster you can move the camera to aim. The farther the scope of sight, the smaller the sensitivity you must adjust.
ADS Sensitivity
ADS sensitivity setting is quite important because it affects recoil or the shot effect. Every time you shoot, there will be different shooting effects. This recoil will usually make your weapon bounce up and downside. Especially if you often do spray or hold fire on automatic weapons.
You can control recoil by adjusting the movement when shooting. You can control this control through ADS Sensitivity. The smaller the sensitivity, the smaller the control will recoil, and vice versa. However, setting the ADS Sensitivity too high is also problematic.
To control the recoil, you can shoot using the shoot button on the left side of the screen, then hold it by sliding in the empty area of the right side of the screen.
Each player has their own settings, you must find the best ADS Sensitivity setting for yourself by trying it in training mode .
Last is the sensitivity setting using Gyroscope. This feature is used to aim at enemies only by moving the phone like a VR game.
Gyroscope gives you control over the characters in the game in 3 dimensions, so it can be an alternative to control the direction of your character’s perspective.
As with other sensitivity settings, the greater the sensitivity, the faster the shift in direction of view. Gyroscope is not suitable for you to use if playing using atablet. You can disable this feature through the settings in the Basic column.
The Final Word
That’s the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting that you canset yourself according to your playing style. Write your opinion in the comments section. See you in the next tutorial!

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