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A prize bond can be described as a lottery bond that has been approved by National Savings Pakistan. It is a secure investment that does not lose or make any profit. There are many denominations available, including Rs 100, 200, and 750 as well as 7500, 15000, 15000, and 40,000 premium.

In 1960, the Central Bank of Pakistan began prize bond schemes. Over the years, these prize bonds provided control of cash flow for the government. During the prize bond scheme, the government earned approximately 130 billion Rupees.

National Savings and Investments also offers premium bonds as investment protection. The prize bonds work in the same way as your savings account. You have a better chance of winning if you buy more prize bonds.

The Public Debt Act 1944 governs the prize bond scheme. They are used to offering winning prizes. Because it is managed by the government, it is risk-free. You have a better chance of winning a prize bond if you purchase the bonds in serial numbers than in random numbers.

Prizes and Draws

Lucky draw for prize bond Rs. 7500 drawn 4 times per year. It can also be held in the middle of the month, or on the first day of each month. The Central Directorate of National Savings appoints a committee to regulate prize bonds.

There are different prizes available for different denominations of prize bonds. The prize bond for Rs. 7500 within 60 days of the lucky draw date

In a given year, there are 36 lucky draws for different denominations. Lucky draws for prize bonds are held in all major cities in Pakistan. In the early day’s of prize bonds, there were 24 lucky draws per year. With the rise in prize bond demand, the number of lucky draws has risen to 36 per year.

Rs. 7500 Prize Bonds are the most well-known prize bond scheme in Pakistan. Each year, there are four lucky draws within a 3 month time period by the State Bank of Pakistan. Three prizes worth Rs. 7500 reward bonds One lucky winner will win the 1st prize of 15,000,000 rupees. The 3rd prize is Rs 5,000,000. The third prize, which is worth Rs. Each winner will receive Rs.93000.

You can claim the prize bond money for 6 years from the date of the lucky draw. After 3 to 4 days from the lucky draw result, the winner can claim the prize money from the State Bank of Pakistan or the National Savings Centre.

With the help of technology, it is easy to verify your prize bond results. It is now easier to find a prize bond draw listing. You can click on the desired draw date or number to see all prize-winning numbers. You don’t have to scroll, just enter your number into the input field. The number status will be displayed.

Dates for Prize Bond Draw Dates

Each year, the prize bonds are drawn four times. The Rs 7500 prize bond draw takes place in November’s first week, and again in February’s first week. The draws for the last two prizes are held in May and August.

The trend in prize bonding

Every year, the popularity of purchasing prize bonds is increasing. More people are investing in Rs. 7500 prize bonds are becoming more popular because they have a low price and huge prize money. This is a great way to get a lot of money. There has been an increase of approximately 58 percent in investment from 2013-2018. It is still growing. This allows you to receive more from your Rs. 7500 Prize bond is more than other bonds. This allows you to get more return on your Rs. 7500 Prize bond is more than other bonds.

Prize bonds are popular because they offer the best investment opportunity in Pakistan. The prize money is huge when compared to the price of purchasing a prize bond. The prize money is Rs. The 1st prize is Rs. 7500 and the 1.5 crores prize bond. This is a huge amount of money. It is a great way for middle-class people to easily spend with greater returns.


Prize bonds are a great way to get started investing. Rs. The 7500 Prize Bond is a smart investment option as it offers the highest prize rewards and 3 prizes. The government of Pakistan has control over it, so it is safe for people.

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